Wilton cake decorating in the 1970s

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Even in the seventies, making groovy cakes wasn’t something that was just left up to the professionals. As far back as 1970, there have been Wilton cake decorating yearbooks, specifically geared toward people who want to get creative with these sweet and festive treats.

Wilton’s cake & food decorating yearbook (1972)

Just out and fabulous! All new and more imaginative than ever… with cakes, menus and party ideas for each month!

Wilton’s yearbook (1972)

Just published this year and already in half a million homes! It’s the imaginative new book with cakes, menus and party ideas for each month of the year.

The 1974 Wilton yearbook

Turn one cake mix into a thing of beauty… Wilton’s wonderful yearbook shows you how to create 60 cakes like these with a few simple tools, special pans, and one cake mix each.

New! Wilton’s cake decorating yearbook (1975)

Teaches you everything you need to decorate beautiful cakes.

I did it! (1976)

The Wilton Yearbook showed me how

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