How to decorate a party house-shaped cake (1956)

How to decorate a party house-shaped cake

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It’s easy to bake a party cake house with a new party cake house mold and your favorite cake mix!

You’ll be the cleverest hostess at any party, year ’round when you bake a cake that looks like a house, a church, a barn or a school. With Alumode’s unique new take-apart house mold, it’s as easy to bake as any ready-mix cake. . .

Simply snap the four separate sides together (they lock), pour in ready-mix batter, bake, unsnap side panels and lo!…the cutest house-shaped cake ever. Frost and trim to your creative whim and listen to the “Ooohs” of your friends and the joyous squeals of the children.

party cake house decorating designs

It’s another pure aluminum original from Alumode at variety, department and hardware stores everywhere. Alumode Party House Cake Molds in two sizes — Small $1.00 — Large $1.49 with complete instructions. cake recipes and decorating ideas on package. Slightly higher in South and West. [See similar molds at Amazon]

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House-shaped cake designs 1956 New Year's - Valentine's Day

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House-shaped cake designs 1956 Christmas - Thanksgiving

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