Vintage paper towels from the ’70s: Plain, patterned & paisley designs

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Vintage paper towels from the 70s
Here, remember a few of the vintage paper towels that almost every home in America had hanging in their kitchen!

Viva blue patterned kitchen towels (1972)

Introducing the first really elegant towel decoration.

Viva has always had exceptionally pretty decorations and bright colors. But this time we’ve really outdone ourselves. With two new, exciting designs: Bold, cheerful butterflies. And festive flowers. And each design comes in 4 bright colors: Green, Gold, Blue, and new Poppy.

The towel itself hasn’t changed, of course. It’s still strong enough to keep right on working. Even if you scrub with an abrasive cleanser. And it’s still very absorbent. But it’s a lot prettier than it used to be.

Viva. The absorbent paper towel that keeps on working.

Blue patterned kitchen towels from 1972 - Viva brand

Vintage paper towels: Roll out the Paisleys (1972)

Kleenex Boutique Towels from Kimberly-Clark

Paisley patterned designs and bold solid colors

Vintage paper towels Roll out the Paisleys (1971)

It’s the quicker picker-upper: Bounty vintage paper towels (1973)

Rosie says: “Bounty absorbs fast, but this towel absorbs even faster…”

New Bounty gets spills up faster than every other leading brand. Bounty absorbs faster because it’s made a unique way… there’s nothing like it!

And new Bounty is made to absorb punishment while it absorbs spills. Wet or dry, it’s as strong as ever.

As Rosie would say, “You got a spill that’s tough to take? Take it up faster with new Bounty. It’s the quicker picker-upper.”

New Bounty vintage paper towels from 1973

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Vintage Chiffon paper towels (1974)

Here are two towels that absorb more and faster than any leading brand: Chiffon Sun Fresh Prints… and Chiffon Spill-Mate Paper Towels.

Vintage paper towels from 1974 - Chiffon

Phyllis “The Spiller” Diller for Thick & Thirsty paper towels (1977)

Phyllis Diller for Thick and Thirsty paper towels - 1977

Viva designer paper towels patterns (1979)

UnbeVIVAbly strong. UnbeVIVAbly absorbent. And UnbeVIVAbly pretty. 

Viva designer paper towels - Patterns from 1979

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