20 years of vintage Tab diet cola ads

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How can just 1 calorie taste so good? (1964)

The Coca-Cola Company kept the flavor in Tab.


The now taste of Tab (1966)

Tab trimmed down its sweetness, so it’s a little bit dry. With 1 crazy calorie in every 6 ounces. Like everything now, a little bit crazy, but wow. The now taste of Tab. That’s what’s happening. To the nicest shapes around.

1 crazy calorie (1970)

Unsticky. Unstuffy. Uninhibited. The new taste of Tab. Not so sweet.


New face. Beautiful taste. (1978)

And 20 cents off to try America’s favorite one-calorie soda in its bright new package.

A beautiful choice from Tab (1983)

Now caffeine-free as well. It’s as Tab as Tab can be… so if you’re going caffeine-free, this Tab, this taste, is for you.

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