A retro restroom rainbow: Colorful modern bathrooms (1949)

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Vivian powder room

Mid-century modern bathroom fixtures

Your bathroom represents a permanent investment. The fixtures you select should not only give you the beauty and charm you want, but they should be built to stand up under years of hard service.

In selecting Crane, the best-known name in plumbing, you are assured the finest fixtures that can be produced — fixtures that are new in styling with many advanced engineering features.

The Crane line includes fixtures of Duraclay, vitreous china, porcelain enamel on cast iron and formed metal porcelain enamel. Here are Crane quality bathroom groups and individual fixtures in white and a wide range of colors — priced to meet any budget.


The Diana bathroom

The beautiful fixtures in the Crane Diana group feature a distinctive styling that will satisfy the most discriminating taste. Here, too, are comfort and completeness, keyed to the needs of modern living. Included in the Crane Diana group is the smart, rectangular Neuvogue receptor bath with its comfortable corner seat. The compact, dental lavatory adds a further note a utility. Quality constructed throughout, the carefully matched Diana group will create a bathroom de luxe in any home.

The Diana vintage bathroom


The Drexel bathroom

Functional beauty and commodious design characterize the gleaming fixtures in the Crane Drexel group. From the smart shelf-back lavatory, the modern bathtub with its flat safety bottom, to the quiet close coupled closet, nothing has been overlooked that could contribute to comfort and convenience. There is also a unified Styling to this group which adds a pleasing note of charm. In such a setting as this or in a room of individual design, the Crane Drexel group will assure a full measure a satisfaction.

The Drexel mid-century modern bathroom


The Marcia bathroom

To those who favor the different, the completely functional, the Crane Marcia group has special appeal. The delightful charm of this room owes much to the built-in, counter-top lavatory which in this case combines washing facilities with make-up or dressing table. The possibilities, of course, are unlimited. Other fixtures in this attractive group are strikingly modern, and perfect companion pieces to the unique built-in Crane Marcia lavatory.

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The Marcia bathroom


The Oxford bathroom

The Oxford mid-century modern bathroom


The Neuday bathroom

There is a clean-cut styling to the fixtures in the Crane Neuday group that makes them favorites for small or medium sized homes. Incorporating all the design and construction refinements of higher priced groups, the Crane Neuday group is nonetheless within the means of the average home owner. The sparkling finish a the perfectly matched fixture, the striking chromium-plated trim and the built-in Crane quality are your assurance of complete satisfaction.

The Neuday vintage bathroom


The Lahoma bathroom

With a style all its own, the compact Lahoma group provides a perfect solution to many space problems. Complete in every way, the Lahoma group is particularly suitable for small homes … or for a second or downstairs bathroom in homes of larger size. The unique receptor bathtub measures only 42 x 31 inches, yet provides facilities for comfortable foot, sponge or shower bathing. Because of its compactness, even the smallest bathroom takes on an air of uncrowded efficiency.

The Lahoma vintage bathroom


The Elayne powder room
The Elayne powder room

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