For a ’50s bathroom remodel, glamorize with modern pastel colors

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The most beautiful bathroom in the world (1951)

Beautyware bathroom in your choice of colors can now be yours at a price you’ll find surprisingly low! Modernize . . . glamorize your home with stunning Briggs Beautyware fixtures in one of four distinctive, pastel colors.

The beauty of this magnificent plumbing ware will give new life to your home — new loveliness to a room which, all too often, suffers in comparison with the rest of your house. It’s so easy to make this change which will brighten your existence — easy because of Briggs’ moderate cost, simplicity of installation, and the perfect way in which striking Briggs Beautyware blends with any number of handsome color schemes!

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 2

New beauty and convenience in your home!

Four beautiful colors: Thanks to modern production techniques pioneered and perfected by Briggs during years of development work — and proved in many thousands of American homes — you now can have color at only a very little more than plain white when you buy a complete set of Briggs Beautyware fixtures! Take your choice of Sandstone, Sea Green, Sky Blue, Ivory or White.

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Stain-proof: Briggs Beautyware bathroom fixtures are stain-proof and resistant to acids normally found in the home. They are impervious to medicines, washes and lotions! Briggs’ four famous pastel colors are fade-proof! This is true of all Briggs Beautyware fixtures!

Lighter weight: Briggs Beautyware fixtures are sturdy — built to last! Yet they are much lighter in weight. While the Briggs Safety Bottom bathtub weighs only one-third as much as other types, it is second to none for durability and service.

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 3

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 4

This is gorgeous Sandstone

You’ll find it a pleasure to select from the great variety of colors that blend attractively with Sandstone fixtures. Walls of pale green or soft chartreuse; ceiling of light tan or yellow; floor of yellow or copper red; curtains and accessories of yellow, peach or red violet— whatever your choice, you can be sure that your bathroom will have added eye-appeal with these fixtures of gorgeous Sandstone.Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 6

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 5

This is refreshing Sea Green

Cool Sea Green is a highly popular shade because home planners have discovered how well it harmonizes with many decorative schemes. Suggested combinations include walls of appropriate blue and gray or a light rose; a floor of deep navy blue or yellow; a ceiling of gray or light blue-green; ivory or yellow curtains; accessories of coffee or aquamarine. You’ll find that all Briggs Beautyware fixtures are designed to enhance the beauty and charm of your home.

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Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 8

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 7



This is lovely Ivory

You’ll adore the stunning, regal beauty of this striking shade, and you’ll find it blends perfectly with the other elements in your new bathroom. Decorators recommend walls of olive or aquamarine; a ceiling of leaf green or ivory; a floor of English red; copper red or aquamarine curtains; accessories of bright yellow or deep rose. You’ll be proud of your bathroom with fixtures of Briggs Beautyware in lovely Ivory.

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 10

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 9

This is heavenly Sky Blue

The invigorating freshness of Sky Blue fixtures makes them the choice of many homeowners and decorators. Excellent results have been obtained by combining Sky Blue with walls of dusty rose or ivory; a ceiling of gray or blue; a floor of dusty rose or yellow; white or brown curtains and accessories of deep rose or brown and green. You will find Sky Blue fixtures lend a permanent color appeal to your bathroom.

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 12

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 11

This is sparkling White

There are many interesting possibilities for decorating your bathroom in a colorful, attractive manner, using white as your fixture color. Walls of light green or blue are suggested, as are ceilings of yellow or ivory; floors of yellow and white or blue and yellow; curtains of white or green and accessories of deep violet or brown.

Whatever shade you select for your fixtures, you will enjoy planning a bathroom around handsome Briggs Beautyware.

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Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 14

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 13

New bathroom suites suit many home styles


America’s most popular architectural style, the Cape Cod house features small-parted windows and a paneled front door. The architect aims for an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. If your house is Cape Cod, there are many bathroom plans you can use with great success from a Briggs Beautyware beginning.


If your home is a Rustic Ranch Type dwelling — and this type is rapidly gaining in popularity — you’ll have no difficulty in designing the perfect Briggs Beautyware bathroom for it. The picturesque, rambling, one-story house which typifies this style offers many opportunities for originality in bathroom planning.


Another old favorite, Colonial is a traditional American style, richly formal in exterior appearance and distinguished by a spacious, orderly interior. The bathroom, like the other rooms in the house, is usually large. With Briggs Beautyware fixtures in color, this room will be quite as handsome as the rest of your house.


The Contemporary Modern style offers an impressive example of the manner in which American homeowners will accept a new idea — once it has been proven worthwhile. If your home is in this highly functional and adaptable style, you’ll find Briggs Beautyware’s smooth, modern lines made to order for your bathroom needs.

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 15

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 16

Bathroom fixtures and color schemes from 1951 1



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