Hide-a-Bed sofas from the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s

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Vintage 60s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1965

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Don’t just dream about that “extra bedroom” — get one for less than $250! (1951)

This vintage Hide-a-Bed sleeper sofa ad from the ’50s said: “Within 30 seconds, this stunning sofa becomes a sleep-inviting, glorious bed. S-o-o comfortable. And faster than making an ordinary bed!

“You’ll sleep like a non-rolling log! Simmons base construction prevents rolling toward center. Bedding folds right up with sofa.”

Vintage 50s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1951

Only a Hide-A-Bed sofa can give you sofa beauty plus a famous Beautyrest mattress (1954)

Since a sofabed is an important buy, make sure you don’t get one with a “makeshift mattress.” Remember — only Hide-A-Bed can give you a Deepsleep mattress by Simmons, at no extra cost!

Both mattresses are longer, wider, thicker than you can get on average sofabeds — thanks to Simmons’ exclusive patent. See the many styles, sizes and fabrics of Hide-A-Bed at your Simmons dealer’s!

Modern T-cushion, channel arm Hide-A-Bed with button back and Beautyrest seat cushions. In sage green “Luxury” metallic tweed (as shown), full size: $299.50. Apartment size: 8289.50. Also in brown, gold and charcoal. With Beautyrest mattress. $20 extra.

Modern cushion Hide-A-Bed with Beautyrest seat cushions. In gold “Trigger” metallic tweed — also available in brown, olive and charcoal. Full size (as shown): $249.50. Apartment size: $239.50.

Vintage 50s Hide-a-Bed couch-sofa from 1954

Never before a sofa-bed so smart as the new luxury sofa Hide-A-Bed! (1955)

Vintage 50s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1955

50 mid-century modern carpet styles from the '50s & '60s: Vintage wall-to-wall flooring in all its glory

You sit lower… in the lap of luxury… on a Hide-A-Bed sofa (1956)

Vintage 50s Hide-a-Bed sofa-couch from 1956

Vintage sofabeds from ’65

Now you can custom-choose just about anything you like with the new 1965 Hide-A-Bed sofas by Simmons.

There’s one styled for every room setting, priced from $199.95 to $695. And in the 1965 Hide-A-Bed, you can even have new spacious, stretch-out Super Size mattresses — including Beautyrest.

Hide-a-Bed sofa styles from 1965 (3)

Hide-a-Bed sofa styles from 1965 (2)

Vintage card tables & folding furniture

It’s just an elegant sofa. Until Harry and Phyllis miss the last bus. (1968)

When you’re shopping for a sofa, remember your friends. And Mother. And the babysitter. And everyone else who could be staying overnight sometime. Choose a Hide-A-Bed sofa — it’s made only by Simmons.

Every Hide-A-Bed sofa has true living room sofa styling. And what a range — everything from Traditional to Contemporary, Mediterranean to Early American. You have your choice of options, too — the kind of cushion filling you prefer, arm covers and skirting.

You can even get casters — so you can move your Hide-A-Bed sofa. The bed is the most comfortable you’ll find in any convertible sofa. (And the only one with a full-length mattress.) You can have a famous Simmons mattress or the even more luxurious Simmons Beautyrest mattress.

Hide-A-Bed sofas are priced from $200 to about $800. These days, no living room sofa is worth the price unless it hides a bed.

Vintage 60s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1968

Isn’t it nice there’s a bed in it, too? (1972)

The Hide-A-Bee sofa. 250 models. 400 fabrics. Custom options. $240 to $1200. And only the Hide-A-Bed sofa by Simmons can give you a Simmons mattress — Regency or Beautyrest! The Hide-A-Bed Sofa by Simmons.

Vintage 70s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1972

Photo gallery: The canopy bed revival of the 1970s

“We promise the Hide-A-Bed Sofa you buy today won’t disappoint you a year from now.” (1974)

Vintage 70s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1974

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