Hide-a-Bed sofas from the 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s: See 50 vintage styles

Vintage 60s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1965

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The Hide-A-Bed was introduced in April 1940, and the innovative fold-out sleeper sofa was another in a long line of successes for the Simmons Mattress company.

As times — and tastes — have changed, these (rarely comfortable) sofa beds have all but been made obsolete by replacements, such as futons and air mattresses.

But different furniture wasn’t the only reason that the company doesn’t make Hide-A-Beds anymore. Among other things, there were changes in society and American infrastructure.

Vintage sofabed in a 1950s living room

By the 1980s, people were buying bigger homes (especially compared to post-war starter homes), there was a growing popularity of motor homes, along with an abundance of affordable motel and hotel rooms available along an expansive nationwide network of freeways and highways.

In short, as the decades passed, there seem to have been fewer and fewer reasons to buy a more expensive settee specifically so friends and family could stay overnight.

But if you miss the olden days where a spare bedroom was just a few couch cushions away, you’ll love this trip down memory lane to the days when nearly everybody had a pull-out sofa, and out-of-town guests were always welcome to stay the night.

Vintage Hide-a-Bed sofas

The history of vintage Hide-A-Beds (1940)

The New HIDE-A-BED Sofa! An altogether new kind of sofa that glides out lengthwise into a full-length double bed!

SIMMONS PRESENTS its greatest …best-looking …and by far the most original sofa-bed ever made. We call it the Hide-a-Bed…. because it actually hides a bed in the sofa.

Unlike other sofa beds, it pulls out lengthwise. You sleep straight out from the sofa … not across it. You never face the back! The gorgeous part of all this is that the Hide-a-Bed is just as comfortable as a regular bed. You sleep on it with regular head-board effect — in regular bed comfort.

The new Hide-A-Bed sofa introduced (1940)

Naturally, this great Hide-a-Bed is blessed with Simmons craftsmanship inside and out. It has a full-length Simmons inner-spring mattress — famous for comfort — with no division in the middle. When not used for sleeping, the mattress gently glides inside the back of the sofa.

See this great Simmons invention today. ‘You’ll be delighted by its simple, graceful lines. You’ll like its compactness, too. For this is one sofa-bed that doesn’t sprawl all over the living room. Comes in authentic designs . . . including Chippendale (shown left), Lawson. Tuxedo, Chesterfield, and Knuckle Arm.

Your favorite furniture and department stores are displaying it now. In a fine selection of fabrics. Prices starting under $100. Love seats, too, at lower prices! (Your dealer will arrange easy payments.)

The new Hide-A-Bed sofa introduced - LIFE Apr 1, 1940

Don’t just dream about that “extra bedroom” — get one for less than $250! (1951)

This vintage Hide-a-Bed sleeper sofa ad from the ’50s said: “Within 30 seconds, this stunning sofa becomes a sleep-inviting, glorious bed. S-o-o comfortable. And faster than making an ordinary bed!

“You’ll sleep like a non-rolling log! Simmons base construction prevents rolling toward center. Bedding folds right up with sofa.”

Vintage 50s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1951

Expand your home — overnight! Get an “extra bedroom” with Hide-A-Bed (1952)

No need to let housing costs make you wait for that convenient “extra bedroom.” Tonight your home can be one bedroom “bigger” with a beautiful, blissfully comfortable Hide-A-Bed made only by Simmons.

By day, you’ll have a smart, attractive sofa chosen from a wide range of sizes, styles and  fabrics. All yours for only the price of a sofa. $199.00 and up.

Easy does it. In 30 seconds, your stunning sofa glides out into a comfortable bed. Easy to close. too. You fold the bed away completely “made up” and ready to use again. Best of all is the comfort.

Old-fashioned Hide-a-Bed sofas from the 50s (1952)

You don’t sleep on sofa cushions. You have the regular-bed comfort of a full-length, full-width Simmons innerspring mattress. No rolling toward center, thanks to special Simmons base construction. 

Scores of decorator-selected fabric to choose from. Ten different styles. Three sizes… Ultra-modern single settees become single beds at night. In a wide range of sizes to fit any space. Shown: Modern-style Hide-A-Bed in brown tweed. Also in green and red. $249.50.

Only Simmons makes HIDE-A-BED. Another quality product from the House of Simmons … the greatest name in sleep.

Never before a sofa-bed so smart as the new luxury sofa Hide-A-Bed! (1955)

Vintage 50s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1955

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Old-fashioned Hide-a-Bed sofa (1956)

TRADITIONAL HIDE-A-BED sofa with beautifully sculptured arms, shown here in turquoise brocade fabric. Also available in green, brown, charcoal and persimmon. From $299.50 depending upon choice of fabric.

Old-fashioned Hide-a-Bed sofas from the 50s (1956)

Only a Hide-A-Bed sofa can give you sofa beauty, plus a famous Beautyrest mattress (1954)

Since a sofabed is an important buy, make sure you don’t get one with a “makeshift mattress.” Remember — only Hide-A-Bed can give you a Deepsleep mattress by Simmons, at no extra cost!

Both mattresses are longer, wider, thicker than you can get on average sofabeds — thanks to Simmons’ exclusive patent. See the many styles, sizes and fabrics of Hide-A-Bed at your Simmons dealer’s!

Modern T-cushion, channel arm Hide-A-Bed with button back and Beautyrest seat cushions. In sage green “Luxury” metallic tweed (as shown), full size: $299.50. Apartment size: $289.50. Also in brown, gold and charcoal. With Beautyrest mattress. $20 extra.

Modern cushion Hide-A-Bed with Beautyrest seat cushions. In gold “Trigger” metallic tweed — also available in brown, olive and charcoal. Full size (as shown): $249.50. Apartment size: $239.50.

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Vintage 50s Hide-a-Bed couch-sofa from 1954

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4 retro Hide-a-Bed sofa styles from 1961

Vintage Hide-a-Bed sofas from 1961

Vintage yellow velveteen Hide-A-Bed — as a sofa, then as a pull-out bed (1960s)

Retro velvet Hide-A-Bed sofa - closed (1960s)

Retro velvet Hide-A-Bed sofa - open (1960s)

Old-fashioned orange sleeper sofa (1965)

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Old-fashioned orange sleeper sofa (1965)

Vintage sofabeds from ’65

Now you can custom-choose just about anything you like with the new 1965 Hide-A-Bed sofas by Simmons.

There’s one styled for every room setting, priced from $199.95 to $695. And in the 1965 Hide-A-Bed, you can even have new spacious, stretch-out Super Size mattresses — including Beautyrest.

Hide-a-Bed sofa styles from 1965 (3)

Hide-a-Bed sofa styles from 1965 (2)

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It’s just an elegant sofa. Until Harry and Phyllis miss the last bus. (1968)

When you’re shopping for a sofa, remember your friends. And Mother. And the babysitter. And everyone else who could be staying overnight sometime. Choose a Hide-A-Bed sofa — it’s made only by Simmons.

Every Hide-A-Bed sofa has true living room sofa styling. And what a range — everything from Traditional to Contemporary, Mediterranean to Early American. You have your choice of options, too — the kind of cushion filling you prefer, arm covers and skirting.

You can even get casters — so you can move your Hide-A-Bed sofa. The bed is the most comfortable you’ll find in any convertible sofa. (And the only one with a full-length mattress.) You can have a famous Simmons mattress or the even more luxurious Simmons Beautyrest mattress.

Hide-A-Bed sofas are priced from $200 to about $800. These days, no living room sofa is worth the price unless it hides a bed.

Vintage 60s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1968

Vintage Simmons Hide-A-Bed sleeper sofa (1968)

It’s just a great-looking sofa. Til you want the Broadhursts to fly in for that football weekend.

Vintage Simmons Hide-A-Bed sleeper sofa (1969)

Green Olive hide-a-bed sleeper chairs (1969)

It’s just a charming sofa. Til good old Steve hits town.

Good Old Steve. Boyhood Pal. Army Buddy. Your Husband’s Friend. Unheard of that he should stay at a hotel. (Well, at least your husband wouldn’t hear of it.)

So it’s nice that your sofa’s a Hide-A-Bed sofa. The one and only Hide-A-Bed sofa. Made only by Simmons. The one designed with living room style. And so comfortable, too. (No one would guess there’s a bed hiding in there.)

And then there’s that beautiful bonus — The Bed. With the famous Simmons or extra luxurious Simmons Beautyrest mattress. Full-length too, so Old Steve can stretch out. And that’s a Simmons exclusive. (We even have super-size mattresses in some Hide-A-Bed models.)

Vintage green hide-a-bed sleeper chairs (1968)

Living room furniture for the way we live now (1970)

Urban. That’s how we are now. City people in city-size houses. Giving up the luxury of country kitchens and extra bedrooms for the special luxury of Being Right There.

That’s what the Hide-A-Bed sofa is for. For City People who want to make the most of not enough space. And want to do it with style. Hide-A-Bed sofas have the style. Traditional.

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Plush 1970s living room with pull-out sleeper sofas

Isn’t it nice there’s a bed in it, too? (1972)

The Hide-A-Bed sofa. 250 models. 400 fabrics. Custom options. $240 to $1200. And only the Hide-A-Bed sofa by Simmons can give you a Simmons mattress — Regency or Beautyrest! 

Vintage 70s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1972

8 different types of old sofabed you could get in the 70s

Old Simmons Hide-A-Bed sofas from the 1970s

Retro striped Hide-a-Bed living room sofa in a stylish 1970s living room

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Retro striped Hide-a-Bed living room sofa (1970)

Retro floral pattern Hide-A-Bed sofa from 1974

Retro floral pattern Hide-A-Bed sofa from 1974

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Vintage 1970s leather Hide-A-Bed sofa

Vintage 1970s leather Hide-A-Bed sofa

Le Mans Hide A-Bed Sofa from Simmons Galaxy Collection (1973)

“We designed this dual-purpose living room for a forward-thinking Minneapolis working couple, living in a new high-rise apartment. Their budget limited them to one bedroom, their devotion to American Indian lore dictated the decor.

“Focal point of the room is, of course, the handsome Le Mans Hide A-Bed Sofa from Simmons Galaxy Collection. Opening to a Queen-size bed for overnight guests and relatives, the simplicity of its tweedy upholstery and its contemporary styling make this a room as cheerful and uncluttered for living and entertaining as it is comfortable for sleeping.” – Donal A O’Donnell, A.I.D. – Director, Interior Design Studios – Dayton’s, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Vintage Hide-A-Bed sofa sleeper (1973)

“We promise the Hide-A-Bed Sofa you buy today won’t disappoint you a year from now.” (1974)

Vintage 70s Hide-a-Bed sofa from 1974

Vintage Simmons Hide-A-Bed sofas available in 1975

Vintage Simmons Hide-A-Bed sofas available in 1975

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