Warm colors best for the living room (1966)

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Warm colors are best for living room

by Lynn Elson

Fashions in color change every year on the home decorating scene, but personal tastes remain constant.

Psychologists tell us color preferences are related to personality traits. Outgoing people are likely to be drawn to bright, warm colors and strong contrasts. Introverted types usually go for cooler, quieter colors in monochromatic schemes.

Individuals respond to color fashions in their own terms. For example, when the trend is to bright colors like tangerine, some people will carpet the floor or paint two walls in the popular color. Others will use it only in small accents.

Color experts suggest some general schemes for the various rooms of the home.

For the living room, they advise a warm color like rose or burnt orange to create a happy mood and stimulate friendly conversation.

“Appetizing” colors like peach or red-orange belong in the dining room. In surveys of “what looks good to eat,” these are the colors most people choose.

Blue also makes a good background for food. A blue tablecloth enhances plates of food more than any other color. People who are dieting would be discouraged by a gaudy yellow, green or mustard color in the dining room.

For the kitchen, a bright yellow will reflect light and make it easier to see what you’re doing as you prepare food. It also seems to make the working time go faster, color psychologists say.

A recreation room should have lively, stimulating color contrasts like a red, yellow and blue combination. This is also good for a child’s room. Some people prefer a dark color in the bedroom, like deep teal blue, becase it relaxes them. Others would rather have a cheerful color like yellow, which helps them get up in the morning.

Pink is a good choice for bathrooms. It not only reflects light, but also flatters your complexion, which is especially helpful when you’ve just bounced out of your bright yellow bedroom.

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