Vintage 70s couches: These 70+ bold sofa styles & sectionals defined a decade

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The 1970s: a time when fashion was wild, music was groovy… and couches? It’s safe to say that living room decor had changed a lot since the 50s and early 60s.

Even in the design-driven decade of the 1970s, comfortable 70s couches were more than just cozy landing pads and conversation spots — they were home decor.

Green garden-themed Selig 70s couches and coordinating chairs (1974)

The trend was toward embracing relaxation and making home a haven, and plush cushions, overstuffed armrests, and inviting textures turned sofas into irresistible retreats from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Super retro bright multicolored floral vintage 70s couch fabric

In living rooms everywhere, you could find sofas splashed with bright colors, covered in bold patterns, or shaped like something out of a sci-fi movie… but, surprisingly, there was also a lot of brown and beige — a neutral color trend that would continue into the 80s.

Beige and brown sofa (1977)

Whether you loved them soft and plush or most fondly remember the styles with wood accents, the focus on comfort has left a lasting impression, and these cozy characteristics continue to influence modern furniture design to this day.

Traditional brown sofas from the mid-70s - Ethan Allen decor

Take a scroll through this roundup of photographs showcasing several dozen unforgettable vintage 70s couches, including some that fit into retro conversation pits.

Whether you lived through the disco decade or just appreciate the era’s eclectic style, this gallery is sure to stir memories — and maybe even inspire some modern-day decorating ideas.

Sectional sofas back & worth considering (1970)

Article from the Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania) March 20, 1970

Guess what’s coming back to the living room? Nobody has ventured an explanation of “why,” but the return of sectional sofas is worth considering.

70s couches

That style of seating has not been offstage long enough to be forgotten by the under-25s. What gives new versions prominence is the furnishing potential for all interiors, big and small.


Paradoxical as it may seem, two or three units in a single grouping can turn out to be a space-saver. Such an arrangement also results in a more congenial setting for conversation.

70s couches: Ethan Allen New Dimensions sectional couch options (1979)

In the final analysis, too, less furniture is needed to complete a decor built around the multiple sofa scheme. One large cocktail table and one flexible lamp are the only other essentials.

Possibly the architectural trend to combined living rooms and dining areas has restored interest in sectional seating. Where no walls exist to separate one part of an interior from another, sofas assume the role of dividers.

70s couches: sectionals back and worth considering - 1970

Notice how the principle works in the photograph (above). The dining room is clearly defined as if by an invisible wall. Straight sofas fall naturally into right-angle placement.

However, there are curved and angled designs that form entertaining circles. Obviously, in those situations, the cocktail table is round, often with a Lazy Susan top.

Many different ways to arrange Rearrangement 1970s sofa components (1975)


Sofa styles are contemporary, but that doesn’t limit total decor. Mood is established via print or solid-color upholstery fabrics, elegant velvets or homespun textures, not to bypass vinyls with the look of leather. Then other elements — table, lighting, accessories — are chosen accordingly.

Red and yellow striped vintage 70s Selig couches

Newest sectionals have come a long way from the ’40s, when they were sometimes better in theory than in style or use. More comfort and flexibility are in their favor now.

We’re thinking of designs whereby single units multiply into seating systems — as many or as few needed. Kipp Stewart has developed such a system for Directional Industries. Two basic pieces, arm-less or corner versions, combine as loveseats, longboy sofas or climb around the walls of a room.

Retro 70s three-sided sofa nook

Selig presents variations in a German import that looks like an old Pullman car seat. It can lead an independent existence, or in duplicate and triplicate go on to bigger seating assignments. The idea is fine for family rooms as well as living rooms, especially around a fireplace. Some we’ve seen are receptive to what are frequently called “conversation pits.”

Retro modular sofas from the 1970s (5)

Retro oak and plaid fabric Kroehler couches (1977)

Relax in the casual comfort of this Kroehler room group! The more you live with these casual contemporary pieces, the more you’ll appreciate their great looks, easy comfort, and the way they stand up to everyday living! The plaid Herculon olefin covers are stain and soil resistant with heavy oak posts accented by Brushed Brass tone trim. And how you’ll love sinking into the deep tufted, luxuriously thick cushioning…

Retro oak and plaid fabric Kroehler couches (1977)

6 different retro 70s style couch configurations

Hexagons in terracotta basketweave, Loose cushion add-ons in graph-paper plaid, Canvas modules with attached backs, Linear put-together in quilted canvas, Washable furniture in strip-off cotton, and Big scale seating with zig-zag stripes. 

Retro modular sofas from the 1970s (1)

Brown Naugahyde leather-look vintage sofa with deep buttons

Brown Naugahyde leather-look vintage sofa with deep buttons

Retro futuristic style modular couch from the 1970s

Retro futuristic style modular couch from the 1970s

Vintage yellow mid-century modern sofas

Vintage yellow mid-century modern sofas

Enormous round puffy leather couch in buckskin color

Vintage '70s curved sofas (3)

Vintage vinyl or Naugahyde blue sofa around an inside fireplace table

Vintage '70s curved sofas (5)

Curved 70s couches: The Furthermore II

Button-tufted styling in Herculon olefin pile. Wedges unite allows you to design your own conversation pit.

Vintage '70s curved sofas (6)

Vintage Ethan Allen 70s couches with wood frames

Vintage Ethan Allen 70s couches with wood frames

Groovy retro patterned 70s sofa styles

Groovy retro patterned 70s sofa styles

Vintage 70s couches: Surround yourself… with the soft life

THIS IS ‘PLATEAU’ The new approach to the way you relax. It’s forever re-arrangeable, on any level, on the spur of your own moment.

Surround yourself with deep, soft, comfortable velvet. Even cabinets, platforms and bookcases are upholstered in full velvet. It’s right now…in every Roche Bobois store.

Vintage Plateau modular sofa you can rearrange - 70s

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Beautiful Moroccon-style sofas on three sides of a cozy nook

Room edged with sofa seating - 1970s

Old Kroehler Avant sectional couch from 1972

Vintage sectional couch from 1972

A super retro sueded sectional sofa from the 1970s

Vintage sectional sofas from the 1970s (1)

3-sided sunken conversation pit sofa from Drexel

Vintage sectional sofas from the 1970s (3)

Two vintage 70s sofas in neutral tones with armrest storage

Vintage sectional sofas from the 1970s (4)

The Playpen is not for everyone (Grandmother will not approve)

It’s for people who lead their lives their own way — in style and comfort. People who are glad they’re grown-up.

Superbly constructed for extra softness with cushion-within-a-cushion seats and plump, wedge-shaped backs, this Selig original takes up no more space than a standard sofa, table and pair of chairs.

Designed for easy living, the Playpen can be arranged and rearranged to suit any mood. The armless chairs, corner sections and ottomans with casters recombine beautifully to create sofas, loveseats, sectional, or individual seating.

The Playpen - huge vintage sofa from the swinging 709s

Separately, or together, the ten pieces look as good as they feel. And will stay good looking because they’re treated with SCOTCHGARD Velvet Protector, which means that watery and oily stains can be blotted away. Deep stains can be spot cleaned easily, leaving the fabric smooth and fresh looking.

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Covered in plush 100% cotton velvet, the Playpen comes in thirteen lucky colors. Look for it at fine stores near you.

Big vintage wrap-around sofa with bed-like area - from the 1970s

Off-white linen-effect L-shaped sectional sofa

Vintage sectional sofas from the 1970s (5)

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Vintage seventies room edged with wicker sofas with blue cushions

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Vintage 70s couch with five angles and funky retro pattern

1977 Home decor - sofas

Big brown and beige couch from the 1970s

Big brown and beige couch from the 1970s

Vintage sofas and seating areas from the 70s

Big vintage sofas and seating areas from the 70s (1)

Cozy boho-style DIY sofa area

Big vintage sofas and seating areas from the 70s (2)

Three-sided conversation pit-style 70s couch

Vintage family-friendly sectional couch in the living room - 1970s

Conversation square in magenta and red

A dark, rich room that invites ease and pleasure, an environment that transcends tradition reveals this bright concept: decorating with light.

Lamps, strategically placed in the dark, play on kinetic light sculptures: terracotta-lacquered tables connect magenta-covered banquettes to form an accommodating square.

On tabletops. chunky collections of crystal shapes gleam like stalagmites in a cavern. By interior designer Barbara D’Arcy, at Bloomingdale’s.

Big vintage sofas and seating areas from the 70s (4)

Retro sectional sleeper sofas from the 70s

Retro modular sofas from the 1970s (4)

The Wedge vintage 70s sofa – semi-circle

The Wedge vintage 70s sofa - semi-circle

Vintage ’70s curved sectional couch: Sears modular seating

Vintage '70s curved sofas (1)

Cozy patterned retro corner sofas from the 70s

Cozy patterned retro sofas from the 70s

Huge retro patterned couch seat from 1974

Huge retro patterned sofa from 1974

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Mobilia Lounge sectional sofa from Roche Bobois

You can do anything with this great modular seating system. Infinitely re-arrangeable anytime for quiet living… or a full-scale ball. Come indulge your fantasy your own way.

Huge wide vintage leather sofa from the 70s

Large sofa that covers a room on 2 sides from the 70s

Large sofa that covers a room on 2 sides from the 70s

Two vintage 70s couches, plus a transparent plastic chair

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Matching vintage sectional sofas from the seventies

1970s couches: Modern minimalist modular sofa blocks

Modular sofas from the 70s

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Puffy retro sofa configuration in dual-level living room

Puffy retro sofa configuration in dual-level living room

Modern built-in sofa seating area from the seventies

Old built-in sofa seating area from the seventies

Supergraphics are ready for their comeback! Get vintage decor inspiration & painting instructions

Retro modular sofa nook with foam pieces

Retro modular sofa nook

Geometric modular couch (1978)

“Larsen’s World,” a fresh collection of geometries… combines with seating forms of the Flair-Hibriten Division of Bernhardt Furniture. Also: Furniture-to-go, Rattan sectionals in tropic cotton print, Knock-down in corded cotton velvet & chintz-covered cushions and dark rattan.

Retro modular sofas from the 1970s (2)

Modern metal sofa frames with black & white cushions 

Stylish vintage sofas from the swinging seventies (1)

Modernist-style simple sectional sofa design with low back

Stylish vintage sofas from the swinging seventies (2)

Brown 70s sectional couch

Brown 70s sectional vintage sofa

Mod sectional sofa pieces in red

Vintage seventies sofas (8)

Built-in couch for a cozy living room corner

Vintage seventies sofas (10)

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A break with tradition: Half-circle sofa seating (1975)

Large semi-circular seating unit — these more cohesive shapes visually expand space better than an arrangement of different chairs and sofas.


Semi-circle plush beige settee

Vintage '70s curved sofas (4)

Green on white lattice-style pattern 70s couches

Vintage seventies sofas (14)

Floral sofa cushions and base with matching coffee table

Vintage seventies sofas (15)

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Black & white checkerboard pattern wallpaper & vintage 70s couches

Vintage seventies sofas (16)

Selig’s couch and loveseat with crescent arms & horizontal velvet stripes (1975)

Vintage seventies sofas (17)

Moroccan-style living room

Green couch along the walls, with both green and white pillows, and white leather poufs

Vintage seventies sofas (18)

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Traditional brown leather vintage sofa with deep buttons

Vintage seventies sofas (13)

Green velour 70s couches

Couches and pillows are placed on a thick green shag carpet

Vintage seventies sofas (19)

Bohemian-style room with pillowed sofas and patterned wallpaper

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Vintage seventies sofas (9)

Vintage curved ’70s couch

The sofa fabric matches the curtains and the wallpaper on the ceiling.

Vintage seventies sofas (20)

Creamy beige L-shaped sofa with red pillows and accents

Vintage seventies sofas (21)

Simple sectional 70s sofa in textured beige fabric

Simple sectional 70s sofa in textured beige fabric

Bright yellow 70s couches and ottomans in a log cabin

Vintage seventies sofas (22)

Plush orange modular vintage 70s couch set

Retro 70s 24-hour sofa set - acrylic plush upholstery living room furniture in gold and green

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A bright living room furniture setup with lots of colors

Vintage seventies sofas (1)

Modular furniture with plush cotton velvet pile upholstery

Vintage seventies sofas (2)

Inflatable sofas & a groovy bird wall graphic

Vintage seventies sofas (5)

70s couches: Retro wicker weave graphic upholstery in blue & red

Vintage seventies sofas (7)

Cozy shaped seating on these yellow retro loveseats

Vintage seventies sofas (6)

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