Peek inside vintage jewelry boxes, including some with spinning ballerinas & wind-up music

Vintage 1969 Jewelry boxes

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Farrington jewel cases (1949)

When the gift must be extravagant in everything but price… For Mother’s Day — indeed, for every gift occasion.

You’ll choose a Farrington jewel case… fashioned to exquisite beauty — fitted in the luxury of tarnish-proof rayon velvet and shimmering slipper satin — the only case featuring the exclusive all-metal Duroframe for truly lasting loveliness.

Crowning achievement to Farrington’s half-century of world leadership is creating covered metal boxes. All Farrington jewel cases without tax at leading fine stores throughout the country… or write for the name of the store nearest you.

Featuring models like the Duchess, the Empress, the Ascot, the Countess, the Princess and the Peeress.

Vintage Farrington jewelry box case from 1949

Set your Christmas gifts to music (1952)

Farrington’s Musicaire plays the tune!

The Musicaire, an exclusive Swiss import, fits easily onto special tracks and slips out of sight under the tray of any of the cases shown. Four lilting tines to choose from. Featuring such jewel cases as the Empress, the Oriental Empress, and the Duchess.

Retro Farrington jewelry boxes for women and girls from 1952

Jewel cases by Mele (1956)

For her… Mele’s Ballerina… enchanting musical jewel case with dancing ballerina. Comes in antique ivory, twilight blue, or shell pink.

The Fantasia… smart, long, low look with necklace bar and catch-all pocket. Spacious, hold all her jewels and more!

The Earring Chest… perfect setting for her complete earring collection.

1956 Jewel cases

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More Mele jewel boxes (1960s)

The Ballerina — plays a pretty tune while the ballerina pirouettes ever so gracefully! Twilight blue, antique ivory, or shell pink with rich velvet lining.

The Treasure Trove — Large enough to hold all her most treasured jewels! Antique ivory, shell pink or twilight blue, with harmonizing lining and delicate filigree and floral motifs on the lid.

Old Sears catalog jewelry boxes from the 60s

When a girl opens this Lady Buxton jewel case, her face lights up (1965)

There’s no other jewel case in the world that has this effect on a girl.

But then, no other jewel case has hidden lights that glow when she lifts the mirrored top to help her see, choose, bejewel herself.

And there’s so much room. There are two large pull-out drawers plus space on top — all velvet-lined and compartmented to separate the baubles from the beads. 

It’s big. Golden. And a dazzling way for anyone who wants to spend $25 on a girl to spend it.

Old-fashioned Lady Buxton jewelry box from 1965

When girls open these Lady Buxton jewel cases, they’re flabbergasted by the space (1965)

Or they hear music. Or they find the inside is as elegant as the outside.

Top: Spacious lift-up tray, deep interior compartment, plus two drawers; one with 18 earring compartments. The other with three roomy sections. In black, gild, light blue, white.

Bottom left: When you lift the cover, you hear a charming music box tune. Damask finished in light blue, white, gold and pink.

Bottom right: The outside is leatherette in white, black, light blue or gold. The inside: Plush-lined lift-up tray, inner compartment and drawer. Brocade-lined cover.

Retro Lady Buxton jewel cases from 1965

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5 vintage ballerina jewelry/music boxes (1960s)

In blue, red, gold, wood and white with printed design

Vintage ballerina music boxes

Flair Italienne yellow jewel case (1966)

Jewel cases by Mele. Elegance Italian-Style, from Mele. America’s foremost name in jewel cases. Featuring cases such as the Renaissance, Florentine, and the Venetian.

Old Mele jewelry boxes for women and girls from 1966

Collector’s items…(1967)

Two old jewelry cases with drawers and fold-out compartments — from the 1960s

Vintage jewelry boxes from 1967

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The magic of Mele (1960s)

Say MEE-LEE (it’s America’s foremost name in jewel cases) for the beautiful gift she’ll appreciate the most. Each case has a solid brass lock.

Featuring the Magic Touch, Four Tier, Treasure Trove, Treasure Chest, and the Brocade travel case.

Vintage Mele music boxes - 1960s 1970s

The flip-your-lid gift by Mele (1968)

It’s the gift to open every day of the year. A Mele jewel case doesn’t just sit there looking pretty. It stashes every bauble and bangle in its own plush lined hiding place. Pick any crazy color or size of shape or price you please. There’s something for everyone, from Mele.

The Four-Tier case above is also available in maple or gold effect outside, gold velvet inside. At fine stores everywhere. Also featuring the Fantasia, the Hide-Away and the Printastic.

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Vintage Mele jewelry boxes for women and girls from 1968

Vintage Lady Buxton jewelry box from 1969

She’s got jewelry. (But no place to put it.) The Gaitor Baitor jewelry case: Two drawers and one tray with nine compartments.

Vintage Lady Buxton jewelry box from 1969

Mele’s answer to up-tight jewelry (1969)

It’s great to be hung up on the new cluttered look in jewelry, if she can stay loose about stashing it. Uncluttered. Untangled. Accessible. All in a Mele jewel case. All sizes, shapes and colors. And prices. Mele’s Futura, with a 3-way lid, is $28.

Available at fine stores everywhere. From Mele, makers of quality jewel cases and personal leather accessories. Featuring the Continental, the Mediterranean, the Magic Tough, and the Brocade.

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Retro Mele jewelry boxes for women and girls from 1969

Hung-up on jewelry? Hang up a Buxton. (1970)

To the wall with it all in a great, big beautiful Buxton jewelry box. Custom slots, bars, hooks and fittings organize everything. Brilliant vinyls.

Top right: The Jewelry Store, Stereo-White stucco with Black suede, $40. Top left: The Gold Mine, Chinese Red or Jet Black patent with Gold suede, $25.

Bottom left:. The Great Keeper, folds for going, in Go-All-Orange or Go-All-Blue crushed vinyl with tie-dye interior, $10. Bottom right: The Hang-Out, Pow-Wow Orange plush, crushed vinyl drawer, $12.50. All from Buxton . . . where jumbled jewelry is a no-no.

Buxton jewelry organizers from 1970

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