Treet: Spam-like sugar-cured ham from Armour from the 40s & 50s

Treet Spam-like sugar-cured ham from Armour from the 40s and 50s

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Treet is the meat (1945)

The meal-ready meat most folks like best! Yes! Treet is the Meat! More people choose Treet than any other meal-ready meat! And no wonder — for all-meat Trees is choice pork, carefully selected for Treet alone!

And it’s sealed in the tin before cooking, so Trees is extra flavorful, extra tender and high in vitamins! Compare it with any other meal-ready meat and you, too, will say: “Yes, Trees is the meat that’s best!”

Treet meat (1945)

Armour Star Treet (1955)

Armour Star Treet meat (1955)

“Mommy, what is Treet made of?” (1955)

“Armour Star sugar-cured ham… tender, savory pork… sugar and spice and all that’s nice. That’s what Treet is made of.”

What is Treet meat made of (1955)

Treet: If your man likes Armour Star Ham (1955)

… and tender, savory pork… he’s sure to go for Treet and you… in a big way. 

Because Treet is Armour sugar-cured ham and sweet, succulent pork. Ready-cooked in a firm, tender loaf for slicing. Nutritious, delicious, and mighty easy to fix in minutes — in dozens of tempting ways.

Treet If your man likes Armour Star Ham (1955)

All Armour Star Pantry-Shelf Meats are US Government Approved

Barbecued Treet meat sandwiches (1961)

Barbecued Treet sandwiches (1961)

Armour Star Treet (1960)

Armour Star Treet meat (1960)

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