Check out the 1963 Dodge Darts, wagons & other classic cars, ‘The Dependables’

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The Dependables from Dodge 1963 Dodge Darts, wagons & other classic cars

Note: This article may feature affiliate links to Amazon or other companies, and purchases made via these links may earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you. Find out more here.

The compact ’63 Dodge Dart cars

At last. A compact that doesn’t give anyone the sardine treatment. The 1963 Dodge Dart! Now everybody gets a fair shake on room.

Note the roof line. It goes straight back. Result: Even rear-seat hat wearers are treated with deference. And so are those who like some action for a change. Dart’s standard engine leaves the run-of-the-mill compacts waiting and wheezing.

Its optional engine (just a few bucks more) is the same way, only more so. Economical? Like you’d expect a compact to be! That’s the whole idea. Lots of room inside, compact outside. Lots of skedaddle, easy on gas.

Few compacts cost less than Dart. None offers the value. A unitized body, for example, that’s rust protected. 32,000 miles between grease jobs. Two series. Nine models including a pizazzy convert. Go see your Dodge Dealer.

Oct 26, 1962 - Compact '63 Dodge Dart car

1963 Dodge cars: Warranted for 50,000 miles

Feb 15, 1963 Dodge cars

1963 Compact Dodge Dart convertible

Technically, two ways. Manually and automatically. You see, the snazzy Dart GT convertible (above) has an optional automatic top. Or you can get a manual top as standard equipment. Same with the lower-priced Dart 270. Either way, you have the top of the convertible news for ’63.

You see, most other converts are famously loose with your hard-earned dough. Not Dart. It’s a compact. Its low price and upkeep are in keeping with other compacts. But after that, no comparison! Dart’s got the 6 that scampers like a V8. And Dart’s a new kind of compact in the large economy size. It’s got relaxin’-size room and comfort.

It’s really too roomy to be a compact, but too darned thrifty to be anything else. You pay a lot less for Dart and get a lot more going for you. Your Dodge Dealer has a full line of Darts. In 2 series, 9 models. Convertibles, sedans, a hardtop, wagons, the works! See him and drive one of The Dependables.

Jan 18, 1963 Compact Dodge Dart

’63 Dodge cars

'63 Dodge cars

The Dependables from Dodge

We’ll take on anyone… in the space race

Pack on the gear and step into a big automobile for a change. A 1963 Dodge 880 wagon!

Here, you’re a space man of the first order. You’ve got the room to take on anyone and anything. You’ve got the comfort of wide, choir-high seats and torsion-bar ride. You’ve got the luxury of thick-pile carpeting, upholstery of Jacquard nylons, and saddle-grained vinyls. Even the hood emblem is tooled as if it were a jewel.

This a big and luxurious automobile. And there’s power to go along with it. It’s all standard, including the exclusive good looks and sense of well-being only a big car can give you.

One thing is missing, however. There’s no astronomical price. Fact is, the Dodge 880 is so reasonable that we’ll take on anyone in that race, too!

See your Dodge Dealer. He has The Dependables in three new sizes, 42 new models. Pick from 10 different wagon models including four big Dodge 880 wagons — custom-made for the big-car man.

Dodge station wagons from 1963


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