Vintage ’60s flat shoes & fashionable low-heel footwear for women

Colorful vintage 60s flat dress shoes

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For the first half of the twentieth century, most dress shoes for women had high heels. In the sixties, however, that started to change.

As you can see from these photos of vintage ’60s flat shoes, gals could finally dress up while keeping their heels down. Here’s a look!

Timely T-straps opened up… tiny heels… blunt toes (1968)

Opened-up slingback is strapped to a ‘T’ with airy front inserts. All leather or vinyl patent uppers with adjustable back buckle. New squared toe and little block heel.

T-strap and contrasting saddle stitching accent fine crushed leather uppers. Back heel strap has hidden gore as does side buckle to assure comfortable, secure fit. New slightly blunted toe and little heel.

A dash of vivid leather is but-toned atop nylon straw-like up-pers. Foam-lined insole.

Little heeled slingback. Uppers of straw-like Rip/ea R —DuPont’s lustrous nylon ribbon yarn. Resists scuffs, stains and sponges clean with warm, soapy water. Vinyl trim.

T-strap shoes with tiny heels and blunt toes (1968)

Vintage ’60s flat shoes, slippers and other low-heel footwear

Bangkok… holiday decoration afoot

Oriental brocade lined with satin. In black, Heaven blue, Ming blue, pink, red and white with gold. AA and B widths. $6.00, slightly higher west of the Rockies.

Daniel Green — Made in USA — Comfy, comfy, comfy


Vintage ballet flat shoes in blue metallic brocade (1963)

Bangkok… Oriental elegance plus American at-home ease

… all done up for Christmas in a glimmery brocade, with tip-tilted toe and deep-cushioned sole. Ming Blue, Heaven Blue, red, pink, white, black. AA and B widths. $6.00, slightly higher west of the Rockies.

Where to buy it? The Daniel Green Company, Dolgeville, New York, will be happy to send you a list of your stores in your area which carry this comfy slipper, or will order it for you.

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Vintage ballet flat shoes in blue metallic brocade (1963)

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Coquette cut-outs flirt with fashion

Vintage '60s flat shoes & fashionable low-heeled footwear for women

Cobra-look, leather, and daisy toe styles

Blunt toe licked the look of cobra and topped with a flirty bow. All leather upper sling back has adjustable back buckle. New square-shaped block heel.

Strapped with the cobra-look and buckled with a hidden elastic gore to fit easily and comfortably. Smart closed casual has all leather uppers and newest squared heel and toe. 

Opened up look: Airy little slingback has front straps caught at the side with a tiny button. Fine quality leather uppers with elastic gore under button for comfortable fit. New squared heel and blunt toe. 

Delightful daisy: Cut-out daisy — the fun trim for swinging feet! Sling back styling is all girl from the little chunky heel to the squared toe. All leather uppers with adjustable buckle at back.

Retro '60s shoes for women from the 1968 Wards catalog (1)

Frivolous flats with terrific trims

Retro 60s flat shoes for women

Wild! Inside and out: Fashionable flat shoes for women

The jazzy, racy little shoe in the brightest colors ever

Daring, wild, bright, brash color combos brighten the leather uppers of these airy shoes. And they’re wild inside, too . . gay flowers splash over the softly cushioned nylon tricot linings. Composition sole and heel. 

The popular fashion pump. Softly cushioned nylon tricot lining. stacked-look. Sturdy composition sole.

Perky sling. Vinyl trim and adjustable sling strap. Graceful and composition sole. 

Vintage flat shoes from 1968 (2)

Discover gold… and comfort, too! (1965)

Gilda …the dashing gold slipper that plays a sparkling role at your holiday parties. Designed for an at-ease life, in opulent gold lame with harmonizing quilted satin lining, bonded cellulose innersole.

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1965 Shoes - Daniel Green flats

Colorful casual flats for women – from the ’60s

For a change of pace… a casual with pebble-grained pigskin upper and smooth leather trim

The perfect shoe for miles of fashionable comfort. Team it with the latest in textured hose and you’re ready for fun!

Perky kiltie with bow accent plus perforated trim at heel and new broader square toe. Hidden elastic gore for smoother fit, composition sole and color-matched heel. Nylon tricot lined for barefoot feel. Sturdy steel shanks for added support.

Colorful flats for women - Shoes from the sixties

The exotic beauty of the Orient, captured in rich brocade

Daniel Green leisure footwear from the 1960s

Low-heel Daniel Green shoes from 1969

Do as the Romans do. Patter around your palazzo in Moondust, our soundless Italian-inspired loafer, with gilded chains and rhinestones. Gold or silver lame, also black or white moire. AA and B widths. $8. Slightly higher Denver West.

Petite…exquisite polyester crepe slip-on for taking your leisure fashionably. Dazzling confection colors: hot pink, champagne, copen blue, red, turquoise, black. Is easily cleanable. AA and B widths. $8. 

Low-heel Daniel Green shoes from 1969

Cobbies vintage ’60s low-heeled shoes

A little light luxury, please… Cobbies give it to you in the smartest little T-strap ever to lift a summer breeze.

Airy, light and cool in smooth-woven nylon straw trimmed with imported Swiss braid. On the inch-high heel you love. And cushioned all the way!

Vintage Cobbies low-heel women's shoes from 1964

Flats are for fun

Four swinging styles… all with low heels and slightly squared toes

Vintage flat shoes from 1968 (1)

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  2. I am still looking for the Joyce pronounced Joycee that were wildly popular in Canton Ohio. Black suede wedge shoe lace up, one or two holes. 1960’s low wedge and so popular you could never find your size unless you were there when they came to the store!!!!

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