Smooth, slick & sexy: The best vintage men’s hair products from the 60s, 70s & 80s

Vintage men's hair products

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Even though women spend more for beauty products for their hair (especially for things like shampoohair spray and perms) the market for men’s hair products — now and in the past — is still pretty significant.

For decades, guys have been shampooing and smoothing, moussing and pomading, slicking and styling their hair with a variety of products made just for them. Here’s a look back at some of the hottest brands of vintage men’s hair products!

Vintage men’s hair products: Vitalis Hair Tonic for men, with sportcaster Bud Palmer… and a gorilla (1955)

New greaseless way to keep your hair neat all day — How to avoid dry, unruly “gorilla hair”

Hunting for a greaseless hair tonic? New Vitalis tames hair with V-7, the unique grooming discovery that’s not a mineral, vegetable or animal oil. You can use it every day — yet never have an over-slick, plastered-down look.

What’s more, Vitalis protects your hair and scalp handsomely from annoying dryness. And tests show it kills on contact germs many doctors associate with infectious dandruff. Try new Vitalis with V-7. You will like it. (And so will your mate.)

Vintage Vitalis Hair Tonic for men (1955)

Vintage men’s hair products: Duke – the greaseless hair pomade for men (1960)

Duke gets them… every time! The only premium quality hair pomade for men! Not too hard… not too soft… just right!

Get DUKE… the new greaseless hair pomade that trains and holds your hair, no matter how wiry, in perfect place all day long. Women love that “Duke Look.” Get it… get DUKE! At your drug counter.

Duke hair pomade for men (1960)

What kind of man uses Vaseline Hair Tonic? (1966)

The man who knows how to take care of himself uses Vaseline Hair Tonic. Brings out the male in your hair… naturally.

What kind of man uses Vaseline Hair Tonic (1966-1967)

Vintage men’s hair products: Guerlain hairspray for men (1966)

ATTENTION MOST AMERICAN MEN. Guerlain introduces a new hairspray… for men.

Since most of you have hair, most of you should know about Habit Rouge Capillaque. It does everything you’d want something for your hair to do. It adds lustre. It keeps your hair neatly in place. It’s not at all greasy. You spray it on so your hands don’t get sticky.

And there’s one thing about Capillaque all men can appreciate. And that’s the scent. It’s a unique fragrance for men that we have developed as carefully as we have developed any of our famous fragrances. It is the kind of scent you’d expect to find in a good cologne or after shave.

Guerlain hairspray for men (1966)

In fact, we make a cologne and an after shave, even a shaving cream and a soap using the same scent. We call it Habit Rouge (which is French for hunting coat). Since Habit Rouge was introduced in Europe, it has proved a stunning success. Now Habit Rouge, including Capillaque, is available in this country. And we think most of you should try it.

The Dry Styling System by Dep for Men (1971)

The Dry Styling System by Dep for Men (1971)

Vintage men’s hair products: Pantene hair care products for men (1972)

Why worry about your hair when Pantene worries for you.

The Pantene physical fitness program is designed to put the look of new body and health into hair. And our exclusive Swiss Conditioning agent helps make it work.

Here’s the program. First, Pantene Shampoo (one creamy lather does it). Then, Pantene Conditioner helps undo the drying damage caused by sun and wind. For control, use Pantene Hair Groom. Keeps unruly hair in place, and looking natural. And for bright-looking hair between shampoos, try Pantene Hair Lotion. Start the program. And stop worrying.

Pantene hair care products for men (1972)

Brylcreem haircare creating new looks (1973)

You think your nose is too big. Brylcreem thinks your hair was too flat.
You think your ears stick out. Brylcreem thinks your hair was too short.
You think your face is too fat. Brylcreem thinks your hair was misplaced.
You think your face is too long. Brylcreem thinks your hair was too high.

Brylcreem haircare creating new looks (1973)

Gillette Dry Look hairspray for men (1973)

Gillette Dry Look hairspray for men (1973)

Vintage men’s hair products: Duke (1974)

Duke has everything it takes to get it together and keep it that way! DUKE SHAMPOO, especially formulated for the natural to leave hair manageable, soft, DUKE HAIR CONDITIONER helps relieve dandruff and dry scalp, conditions deep with long-lasting results.

DUKE EASY COMB, for tangle-free combing. Lets you style and condition easily. DUKE NATURAL HAIR SHEEN, NEW and IMPROVED, adds lustre, keeps your natural looking alive all day. We’ve added extra ingredients to keep it that way.

Vintage Duke hair care products for men (1974)

I was flat… till I went fluffy with Prell Concentrate shampoo (1978)

Prell shampoo for fluffy hair - For a guy with flat hair (1978)

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Get the dry look… and don’t be a stiff (1979)

The Dry Look pump leaves hair feeling as soft and natural as it looks. The Dry Look gives you more than a great look. It leaves your hair feeling soft and natural, too — not stiff. The Dry Look in pump spray or aerosol — with a formula that’s right for your hair.

The Dry Look hair spray for guys (1979)

The Man’s Look: Luster’s SCurl haircare for men (1984)

Luster's SCurl haircare for men (1984)

Vitalis Men’s Haircare products (1984)

The 60s was the wild look. The 70s was the let it be look. the 80s is the neat look.

Here’s how you can get it. First of all, get your hair cut well and shampoo often. Then, before you comb and style, use Vitalis Liquid or light Vitalls Clear Gel to put back the manageability shampooing and bow drying can strip away.

The result will be hair that looks neat and natural; well-groomed but soft to the touch.

If you have fine or thinning hair, try VItalls Dry Texture for a full-bodied, natural look. a And to hold today’s neat look all day use Vitalis Super Hold or Regular Hold, the pump sprays that give your hair long-lasting control that’s always soft and natural, not stiff or sticky.

Vitalis Men's Haircare products (1984)

These popular 90s shampoos and conditioners were the must-have haircare products of the decade

Billy Dee Williams for TCB haircare (1984)

“You’re never too young to learn about looking your best… and to trust the tcb haircare system to help you.”

Billy Dee Williams for TCB haircare (1984)

Vintage men’s hair products: Alberto VO5 Mousse for men (1985)

The most revolutionary hair care product since the comb! It’s about time. Now a man can look naturally well-groomed with none of the negatives.

New Alberto VO5 Mousse does it. Just foam out, massage into damp hair and see how easy your hair styles. See how V05 Mousse really thickens your hair and keeps that well-groomed look. Neat. Natural. Get a handful of new VO5 Mousse for a real headful of hair.

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Alberto VO5 Mousse for men (1985)

Vitalis Mousse for Men for The Neat Look ’86

Vitalis Mousse for Men for The Neat Look '86

Vintage men’s hair products: Gillette Dry Look styling gel for men (1987)

POWER PLAY: This is what a styling gel is meant to be. Lightweight, yet powerful enough to make your hair do what you want it to. Perfect your old look. Try a different point of view. The options run out only when the tube does. The Dry Look Collection. New From Gillette.

Gillette Dry Look styling gel for men (1987)

80s shampoos & conditioners: Do you remember these 72 popular brands?

Retro 80s Studio Line by L’Oreal hair styling products (1987)

THE STYLING CREME: Adds body with soft shape. THE SCULPTING MOUSSE: Provides intense volume and body. THE STYLING GEL: Creates styles that are bold, gives lots of hold.

Retro 80s Studio Line by L'Oreal hair styling products (1987)

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