Remember these 70s shampoos? Retro brands so good, you can almost smell ’em

Vintage sampoos of the 70s

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Take a trip back to the land of ‘lather, rinse, repeat’ with this collection of vintage 70s shampoos — and the many brands and fragrances popular back then.

As you will see here, one big beauty buzzword of the 70s was lemon (sexy lemon, even!), and that bright yellow vibe showed up in everything from perfumes to hair lighteners to, yes, shampoos.

But there was also another big trend in the haircare industry that really had roots in the seventies: the push toward products that were natural, organic, herbal and earth-friendly (at least compared to the products of the 1950s and 1960s).

To that end, below you’ll see shampoo of the 1970s like Earth Born, Herbal Essence, Sunshine Harvest, and several other variations on the theme.

Have a scroll and see the shampoos we took a real shine to in the glam and funky 70s — many of which were discontinued long ago!

Hairstyles from 1973

Shampoos of the 70s: White Rain Lemon shampoo (1970)

We took the rich, shiny part of the lemon and squeezed its richness into a shampoo!

Shine should be seen, not hid. So open up new White Rain Shampoo with Lemon, and let the shine come through.

Rich bouquets of lather clean so thoroughly. Yet rinse out so clearly, so completely, you can clearly see the difference in the shine.

Lemon fresh and fragrant. White Rain Shampoo with Lemon. Nice twist for girls who like to shine. Especially nice for oily hair. Nice low price, too.

White Rain Lemon shampoo (1970)

Breck Concentrate shampoo (1970)

You can shampoo seven days a week with Breck Concentrate. But you can’t shampoo away the shine.

Only Breck gives you those famous Breck conditioners in a deep-cleaning concentrate. Unbreakable tube, too. People who shampoo a lot need Breck a lot.

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Breck Concentrate shampoo (1970)

Colorfast Clairol Shampoo (1970)

Don’t shampoo out what you just shampooed in. Colorfast Clairol Shampoo won’t fade your hair color.

It’s a fact. Ordinary shampoos wash out your hair color. That’s why so many hairdressers use Clairol Shampoo instead. It has the special colorfast formula that leaves your hair in great condition. Soft. Clean. Shining.

When you shampoo, do as the hairdressers do. After all, who else knows more about hair coloring. The green formula is for brunettes and redheads. The blue formula for blondes. Liquid or Concentrate.

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Colorfast Clairol Shampoo (1970)

Head and Shoulders Shampoo for dandruff (1970)

She’s looking for something people will notice. She already has it. How about you? Be sure people notice you — and not your dandruff.

Shampoo regularly with Head & Shoulders, the most effective dandruff shampoo you can buy. It’s gentle on your scalp, nice to your hair. Leaves it neat, clean, and easy to manage.

No wonder Head & Shoulders is the favorite of millions of women who love to be noticed. Get Head & Shoulders. For people who don’t worry about dandruff… but ought to.

Head and Shoulders Shampoo for dandruff (1970)

Head & Shoulders Dandruff Shampoo, Anti-Dandruff Treatment, Classic Clean for Daily Use, Paraben...
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN: Up to 100% dandruff protection* * visible flakes; with regular use
  • TRUSTED: Head and Shoulders is America’s dandruff shampoo brand** ** based on volume of sales
  • LIGHT, FRESH SCENT: Features a light, fresh Classic Clean scent

Shampoos of the 70s: Pantene Shampoo (1971)

“Warum Pantene? Weil Pantene zu verstehen scheint, dass Haar etwas natürliches ist.” / “Why Pantene? Because Pantene seems to understand that hair is a natural thing.”

If you know anyone who uses Pantene, chances are they heard about it in Europe. In Bonn, Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden, or any other place where people like to look beautiful.

Pantene is a line of luxurious hair care products made with an exclusive Swiss Conditioner — to help enrich and enliven the hair and give it a natural look of health.

This Swiss Conditioner is in all the Pantene products: Shampoos, lotions, conditioners, grooms, sprays. For women or men. Pantene costs a lot. But a trip to Europe costs a lot more.

Pantene Shampoo (1971)

Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Contains one 25.4 fluid ounce shampoo and one 24 fluid ounce conditioner
  • Norishes hair with a potent blend of Pro-V nutrients and antioxidants so hair is strong against damage
  • Powerful Pro-V formula deeply hydrates and nourishes hair

Lemon Conditioning Shampoo from Revlon (1971)

Revlon creates ‘The Sexy Lemon’ – The Lemon Collection, by Revlon.

At last, a lemon scent that smells like a real fragrance — not just another lemon. Exciting. Inviting. And a little bit wilder than you ever thought a lemon scent could be. (Lasts longer, too!)

Because nothing else smells like it, cleans like it, refreshes like it, Revlon put this sexier lemon into a head-to-toe collection.

For your body: Lemon Cologne, Lemon Cologne Mist, Lemon Bath Oil, Lemon Glow Body Powder, Lemon Moisture Lotion.
For your face: Lemon Cleansing Cream, Lemon Cleansing Lotion.
For your hair: Lemon Conditioning Shampoo.

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Lemon Conditioning Shampoo from Revlon (1971)

These popular 90s shampoos and conditioners were the must-have haircare products of the decade

Vintage White Rain lemon concentrate shampoo (1971)

Gobs of lemony fragrant lather from jusst a little lemon drop of White Rain… No wonder the other concentrate is green.

Vintage White Rain lemon concentrate shampoo (1971)

Posner Natural Hair Care shampoo & conditioner plus styling products (1971)

Posner Natural Hair Care shampoo and conditioner plus styling products (1971)

Classic green Prell shampoo (1970s)

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Bright green Prell shampoo (1970)

Vintage Wella Care shampoo and conditioner (1971)

Now Wella gathers nine herbs from the good earth to bring out the beauty nature put in your hair. New Wella Care Herbal Shampoo Cream and Liquid Concentrate.

Take your pick. Either formula gives you a fragrant blend of nine fresh herbs. Clover Blossom. Wild Ginger. Yarrow. Camomile. Horsetail. Rosemary. Nettle. Speedwell. Birch. Gentle as summer rain, Wella Care Herbal Shampoo leaves your hair lively and sweet, naturally clean.

New Wella Care Herbal Conditioner. The same field-fresh herbs, enriched with famous Wella Balsam, create a conditioner that strengthens and smooths. Builds body and bounce. And shines hair with the healthy radiance nature meant it to have.

Use new Wella Care Herbal Shampoo and Conditioner to bring out the natural beauty in your hair. With the clean, earthy goodness of herbs.

Vintage Wella Care shampoo and conditioner (1971)

Retro 70s Lemon Up shampoo (1972)

Lemon Up Shampoo is unlike ordinary “lemony” shampoos that just add a little fragrance or extract. Only Lemon Up works with the natural juice of one whole lemon to free your limp locks from their greasy little world. And make them lemony fresh and shiny clean. So your hair turns up lemon soft with a fluffy feel and sheen.

Retro 70s Lemon Up shampoo (1972)

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Vintage shampoos of the 70s: Twice as Nice shampoo (1972)

It’s a shampoo. And it’s a conditioner. No wonder it’s called Twice as Nice.

Plain shampoo just shampoos. Leaves your hair clean, which is nice. But your hair still needs a conditioner. That’s why you should use Twice as Nice. Because Twice as Nice is shampoo and conditioner, in one. In fact, it’s the only one with a conditioner you can see.

The shampoo leaves your hair looking clean and healthy. The conditioner combats dryness and dullness. It also makes your hair beautifully manageable. So manageable, you can do a thing with it. Even right after shampooing. Twice as Nice. In three custom formulas for normal, dry, or oily hair.

Vintage 70s Twice as Nice shampoo (1972)

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Dep Balsam Herbal shampoo (1972)

Dep Balsam Herbal shampoo (1972)

Retro Bright Side shampoo (1972)

Go organic and glow. With its natural organic conditioner… in a soft cleansing lather… Bright Side brings a fresh new glow to your hair. Clean. Healthy. Shining inside and out.

Retro 70s Bright Side shampoo (1972)

Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo (1972)

Introduce your hair to a Garden of Earthly Delights… The pure pleasures in wondrous new Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo with Natural Protein.

Your hair will get very excited. And clean. And shining. And luxuriously conditioned. And it will smell thrillingly fresh from the scent of all the natural essences inside.

Essences of mysterious green herbs and enchanted flowers: Juniper. Birch leaves. Camomile. Melissa. Gentian. Mountain Arnica. Cinchona.

Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo with Natural Protein has special conditioners in it, too. They don’t heavily coat the hair shaft, but give it natural body and manageability, springiness, and bounce. And shine. Your hair will look crystal clean.

And that fragrance. Like washing your hair in a mountain pool on the first day of spring. Treat your hair to it. It’s the most thrilling shampoo experience on earth.

Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo (1972)

Herbal Essences Shine Collection Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle, with Chamomile, Color Safe, 29.2 Fl...
  • You will receive one 29.2 fluid ounce bottle of Shampoo and one 29.2 fluid ounce bottle of Conditioner
  • AN INFUSED BLEND: Of Chamomile, Aloe Vera and Passion flower extracts
  • MINDFULLY CREATED: Certified PETA Cruelty free, mineral oil free, dermatologist-tested, color safe and pH balanced

Discontinued House of Style Shampoo and hair care products (1972)

There’s more to Style than just hair spray. There are four different Style shampoos. Each one really cleans your hair and leaves it natural and manageable.

Style Instant Condition & Set or Style Balsam Conditioner gives you healthy, natural-looking hair.

Style Lemon and Style Fresh & Natural creme leave your hair tangle-free, luxurious with a natural, soft look and feel.

Five Style hair setting gels or lotions give you a long-lasting set. There are many kinds of hair and hair-dos, so The House of Style offers you five different Style sprays to keep your hair looking lovely all day.

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House of Style Shampoo and haircare products (1972)

Natural Protein Halo 1970s shampoo (1972)

Now foil the body snatchers! New Natural Protein Halo Shampoo helps you zap’em… with today’s newest body-building, body-holding formula.

Sun. Wind. Water. They can rob your hair of body. But now you can meet them head-on with new Natural Protein Halo. It’s a brand new shampoo, made with real natural protein.

New protein-enriched Halo lavishes your hair with natural body. Body that bounces back — bold and beautiful — from just about anything! Sun, anyone?

Vintage 70s Natural Protein Halo Shampoo (1972)

Helene Curtis Everynight shampoo and conditioner from 1972

It’s 100% gentle for long hair and so mild you can shampoo every night.

I’ve got abused hair but thanks to Everynight Balsam Shampoo, it still looks great and it’s really manageable, too.

I’ve got oily hair, but now that I can shampoo 5,6, and even 7 times a week with Everynight Lemon Shampoo, my hair’s never been so shiny or bouncy.

I’ve already conditioned my hair 23 times this month with Everynight Herb Shampoo… it’s made from herbs like rosemary, cinchona, and clover blossoms.

My long hair is manageable and tangle-free because every time I shampoo I use Everynight Rainwater Soft Rinse.

Helene Curtis Everynight shampoo and conditioner from 1972 (2)

Helene Curtis Everynight shampoo and conditioner from 1972 (1)

Shampoos of the 70s: Ultra Sheen Shampoo (1973)

Ultra Sheen tells a difference story. Different kinds of hair have different kinds of problems. And they need different kinds of treatment to make them look their best. Ultra Sheen knows that. That’s why we make two different kinds of shampoo.

Ultra Sheen Creme Shampoo is made for normal or dry, delicate hair. It’s so gentle it won’t strip your hair of natural oils. And it’s made with lanolin to leave your hair soft and manageable.

Ultra Sheen Protein Shampoo Concentrate is made for color-treated or damaged hair. Its natural protein actually conditions your hair and helps soothe brittle, split ends. Ultra Sheen Creme Shampoo and Protein Shampoo Concentrate — because we know the difference the right shampoo can make.

Ultra Sheen Shampoo (1973)

Cor-Tress shampoo (1973)

Introducing Cor-Tress… the cortexing shampoo. New Cor-Tress… the shampoo that restores the complexion of your hair.

Did you know your hair has a complexion? It’s called the cortex. It’s where the color and life of your hair are. When the exposed cortex gets dirty and dulled, your hair’s complexion is hidden.

That’s why we developed new Cor-Tress the cortexing shampoo. Cor-Tress is specifically formulated to work as a gentle Cleansing cream for your hair. It penetrates to clean and bring back life to the exposed Cortex — to restore body, manageability, and natural highlights.

Cor-Tress. Because your hair’s complexion should be as lovely as the rest of you.

Cor-Tress shampoo (1973)

Vintage Clairol Great Body shampoo from Clairol (1973)

Confessions of a shampoo-nut. (“P.S. Thanks to Great Body Shampoo, Jim, who was really a rich millionaire in disguise, asked me to marry him!”)

Vintage Great Body shampoo from Clairol (1973)

Wash and Comb Shampoo, from Noxell (1973)

Wash and Comb Shampoo (1973)

Shampoos of the 70s: Wella Balsam shampoo and conditioner (1974)

For beautiful hair, get the original balsam. Wella Balsam. You can really tell the difference. Wella Balsam Instant Conditioner is the original balsam. The first balsam ever. It did something so fantastic that everybody tried to copy it.

It makes hair stronger, smoother, shinier, bouncier, and more beautiful than ever, in just 60 seconds. And today there are over 100 imitations. Most of them are less expensive but none of them give you the quality of Wella Balsam.

Wella Balsam Conditioning Shampoo. Most shampoos just remove dirt and oil from hair. That leaves it clean but unprotected, vulnerable to damage. But Wella Balsam Conditioning Shampoo takes out dirt and oil and then gives something back: a strengthening, protective treatment of Wella Balsam conditioning, with every shampoo.

So don’t buy just another rip-off. Get your head together with the original. Wella. One of a kind. Like you.

Wella Balsam shampoo and conditioner (1974)

The classic: Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (1974)

How often should you shampoo your hair? Shampoo often enough to keep your hair looking its best. Most women find their hair is prettiest the first day after they wash it — when it’s so clean each strand of hair flows free and doesn’t cling to its neighbor. If that’s the case with you — it’s good to know your hair can be washed as often as every day — if you use a gentle shampoo like Johnson’s.

Shampooing can give your scalp the exercise it needs. You may have heard people say that frequent shampooing makes your hair get oilier. Not so! In fact, the gentle massage that a normal shampooing gives your scalp helps normalize oil flow. It’s like “exercising” your scalp and exercise is as good for your scalp as for any other part of your body.

Bleached or dry hair often needs shampooing before it looks oily. Bleached hair is often rougher than normal healthy hair, so it can trap dirt and sprays. It can look dull and unhealthy before it looks oily, so don’t wait for oiliness to shampoo. And this kind of hair needs a gentle shampoo, like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

Shampooing can add fullness to your hair. No matter how you wear your hair, long and smooth, or short and curly, your hair needs fullness to look its best. Hair can look limp even before it’s oily — so shampoo often with Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for a full, lively look.

Vintage Johnson's Baby Shampoo ad (1974)

Johnson's Tear Free Baby Shampoo, Free of Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates and Dyes, 27.1 fl. oz
  • 27.1-fluid ounces of Johnson's Tear-Free Baby Shampoo for a mild, gentle clean for baby's fine hair and delicate scalp that won't irritate your baby's delicate eyes during bath time
  • For over 125 years Johnson's formulas have been specifically designed for baby's unique and delicate skin and hair. Our baby shampoo is hypoallergenic, pediatrician-tested and free of parabens,...
  • Mild and gentle cleansing shampoo is specially formulated to be as gentle to your baby's eyes as water and features Johnson's No More Tears formula to prevent irritation during bath time

Earth Born Shampoo (1974)

Earth Born… the new, non-alkaline shampoo with a difference you can see!

The Facts: A good shampoo should be more than a pretty fragrance. More than just gentle. It should be non-alkaline, like Earth Born– should match your hair’s natural pH balance — like Earth Born. Most leading shampoos can leave an alkaline residue. Upset the natural pH balance of your hair.

The Test: Scientists use a special pH test paper to measure alkalinity. The unretouched photo above shows what happened when this pH test paper was dipped in these shampoos. The darker the test paper turns, the higher the alkaline content. Only Earth Born didn’t turn the paper dark.

The Results: Earth Born restores hair to its natural non-alkaline pH balance. Leaves hair cleaner, softer, shinier. Adds natural body and bounce. Makes hair feel strong and healthy.

The Fragrances: Available in three formulas for oily, normal, or dry hair. Each with its own fresh, new fragrance. Green Apple Earth Born, Apricot Earth Born, or Avocado Earth Born.

Earth Born Shampoo (1974)

Jackpot! Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific fragrance shampoo (1974)

Gee, your hair smells terrific! Like no other fragrance around. Slightly flowery. Slightly spicy. Deliciously nice to be near. It looks terrific, too. Clean. Soft. Full of bounce and sunshine.

New, “Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific.” Fragrance shampoo that’s gentle as a whisper. And same-fragrance, rich-rich conditioner. Try them both. Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo & conditioner with a fragrance that goes to your head. And to his!

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Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific

Shampoos of the 70s:Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Essence Shampoo (1977)

Now! The first protein pH balanced shampoo with cocoa butter essence. For all the heads of the family.

Now! Balm Barr, the No.1 name in Cocoa Butter cosmetics, brings you Cocca Butter Essence Shampoo. Its great combination of gentle pH-balanced cleansing, Cocoa Butter, protein, and other conditioners treats your hair the way it should be treated.

Try the new Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Essence Shampoo — and let it go to your heads!

Balm Barr Cocoa Butter Essence Shampoo (1977)

Dorothy Hamill for Clairol’s discontinued Short & Sassy shampoo (1977)

Short & Sassy, the great conditioner for short hair, presents something new. Short & Sassy Shampoo!

Short hair, to look its very best, needs two things. Body and shine. And Short & Sassy Shampoo gives you both. It’s especially made for today’s short hair styles.

Its protein-enriched formula washes in the body and fullness that short hair needs to look healthy, shiny and bouncy.

New Short & Sassy Shampoo is gentle to your hair — of course! Yet it washes it clean. With a beautiful, rich lather that leaves your hair breathtakingly fresh and sparkling.

Comes in three formulas: normal, dry and oily. One is just right for your short hair.

Dorothy Hamill for Clairol Short and Sassy shampoo (1977)

Chris Evert for discontinued Astringent Shampoo (1977)

“After I play tennis my hair feels oily and stringy. That’s why I use Everynight Astringent Shampoo.”

After tennis, my hair feels awful. It looks oily, stringy — and that’s no surprise. I work hard on the tennis court, and my hair shows it.

But you don’t have to play tennis to have oily hair. I have friends who don’t play tennis. And they have oily hair. Finally, we all have a new shampoo that really helps get the excess oil out. New Astringent Shampoo, from Everynight.

Astringent Shampoo works on oily hair the way astringents work on oily skin. Because Astringent Shampoo has oil removers, it actually blots up the excess oil. But it doesn’t dry out my hair. It comes out soft and shiny and full of body and highlights.

With Astringent Shampoo, I don’t get that icky, oily feeling as quickly as I used to. My hair feels cleaner longer. That’s a big plus. I really like Everynight Astringent Shampoo. I really use it. And if you’ve got oily hair, I really think you’ll like the new Astringent Shampoo too.

Chris Evert for Astringent Shampoo (1977)

pH Balancer Shampoo from Clairol in Strawberry, Peach & Melon (1977)

My hairdresser did it. I can, too. (With my pH Balancer Shampoo and Fresh Hold hair spray)

My hairdresser knows more about hair care than I do. I guess that’s why my hair always looks its very best when he does it. That’s why I’m so glad I can use the very same salon products he uses — at home.

Like pH Balancer Shampoo. It’s the high-lather, low pH shampoo. Helps restore my hair’s natural acid-balance, leaving it healthy-looking and manageable. Shiny clean, too. And it’s available in four delicious fragrances — Fresh Strawberry, Georgia Peach, Honey Dew Melon, and Natural.

And like Fresh Hold Non-Aerosol Hair Spray. It was created especially for salons, so naturally it keeps hairstyles in shape. Does it gently — without stiffness, too. pH Balancer Shampoo and Fresh Hold Non-Aerosol Hair Spray. Now that I can use them, it’s almost like taking my hairdresser home with me.

pH Balancer Shampoo from Clairol (1977)

Capri shampoo in Honeysuckle & Daffodil fragrances (1977)

1970s shampoo - Honeysuckle Capri

Clairol Sunshine Harvest Shampoos (1977)

Possibly the six finest shampoos on the face of the earth.

We haven’t tested all shampoos, but we have tested lots of them — baby shampoos, conditioning shampoos, and natural ingredient shampoos. Among all these, we have never tested a shampoo that is better in every respect, according to consumers, than Sunshine Harvest Shampoo.

We’re not surprised: Because we used the very best of all our knowledge and experience at Clairol Research Laboratories to make Sunshine Harvest Shampoo.

Sunshine Harvest is a non-alkaline, low pH formula, gentle enough to use every day. It contains protein conditioners and will make your hair smooth and silky. And according to our consumer tests, it cleans as well as the leading alkaline pH shampoo.

Now comes the pleasure part. We made Sunshine Harvest in six of the most delectable fruit fragrances we could find. Whether you pick Wild Strawberry or Tangy Lime, you’ll love the experience. So give Sunshine Harvest a try. And see if you don’t agree they’re the six finest shampoos on the face of the earth.

Six varieties: Red Raspberry, Fresh Peach, Tangy Lime, Wild Strawberry, Honeydew and Tangerine.

Clairol Sunshine Harvest Shampoos (1977)

Farrah Fawcett Shampoo by Faberge (1977)

Faberge introduces Farrah Fawcett Shampoo.

“I have a terrific new way to wash my hair. A shampoo with vitamins, minerals, protein, and herbs.”

“I have a new formula for livelier, shinier, healthier-looking hair. Farrah Fawcett Shampoo. Fabergé created it, and put in good things I believe in — things hair has naturally: vitamins, minerals, and keratin, hair’s own protein. Plus garden herbs to leave your hair delicious-smelling.

“And soft cleansers — as gentle as the ones in fine complexion soaps — so you can shampoo as often as you shower. Try Farrah Fawcett Shampoo, and my new Creme Rinse/Conditioner, too. I’m sure you’ll find something beautiful happens to your hair.”

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Farrah Fawcett Shampoo by Faberge (1977)

Shampoos of the 70s: Faberge Organics wheat germ oil and honey shampoo (1978)

“Now my hair has super shine, super body and smells fresh as a meadow.”

Faberge Organics wheat germ oil and honey shampoo (1978)

Ultra Max 1970s shampoo (1978)

At last, a totally new concept in shampoo for blow dried hair. Gives added body, fabulous fullness. 

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Ultra Max 1970s shampoo (1978)

Retro Suave shampoos (1978)

Suave does what theirs does for a lot less. (And gives you a free Bic Lady Shaver, too)

Suave gets your hair shining clean, leaves it soft and manageable. In Baby Shampoo, Strawberry Essence Shampoo, Golden Shampoo, Green Apple Shampoo, Egg Shampoo, Honeysuckle Shampoo, all your favorites. Each one a terrific value.

Retro Suave shampoos (1978)

Suave Shampoo To Revitalize Hair Rosemary and Mint Invigorating for Dry Hair,12.6 Fl Oz (Pack of 6)
  • Suave Professionals Rosemary + Mint Invigorating Shampoo for dry, damaged hair is a silicone free shampoo that is infused with rosemary and mint
  • Salon quality shampoo and conditioner system is proven to invigorate as well as Aveda Rosemary Mint. Aveda is a registered trademark of Aveda Corporation
  • This invigorating shampoo formula is a hair care that helps detangle hair for beautiful, healthy looking results

Shampoos of the 70s: Vintage Breck shampoo (1979)

Light conditioning — It’s here in Breck shampoo!

Breck shampoo gently cleans without stripping. Then gives a touch of light conditioning. Light conditioning for lots of light, bouncy body!

Vintage Breck shampoo (1979)

Agree Shampoo in 3 varieties (1979)

New Improved Agree shampoo helps stop the greasies.

A major problem with all hair types is that hair gets oily and greasy too soon after shampooing. We call this “the greasies.”‘ Excess oil builds up on the scalp, spreads to the hair, and attracts dirt and additional oil causing hair to lose body and become stringy and oily.

Tests prove that Agree is unsurpassed in its ability to help stop the greasies. Unlike some shampoos, Agree shampoo contains no greasy feeling additives. So it cleans hair beautifully without leaving a greasy residue. That’s why regular use of Agree helps stop the greasies between shampoos. Comes in Oily hair formula, Regular formula, and Balsam & Protein formula.

Agree Shampoo in 3 varieties (1979)

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  1. Great memories. I also liked “Small Miracle” shampoo (late 70’s) for it’s paraffin-laced straightening and awesome scent! :-)

  2. I remember SO MANY of these shampoos! My favorites of the listing were Earth Born, Agree and Herbal Essence. I would LOVE to be able to purchase the original scent of Herbal Essence again. It was wonderful!
    I am so happy you included the Clairol Shampoo pictured in green for dark hair but also available in blue for blondes. I now buy a shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair but no one wants to believe me when I tell them that a similar product was available years ago. Now your article is proof (thanks)!! I remember small packets of the Clairol Shampoo was included with their hair color.
    Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  3. How I miss the original Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo, I’ve never forgotten its emerald-green color and how wonderful it smelled.

    Another favorite was Revlon’s Milk Plus 6, the first combination shampoo/conditioner I’d ever seen, it was thick & white, smelled terrific and left my hair so soft & shiny, with no tangles after shampooing. I couldn’t always find it in the stores, so I bought what I could when it was available, the last time I saw a bottle as at the PX at Miramar NAS in San Diego in 1986.

    If I’d known they’d be discontinued, I would have stocked up. I wish there were at least equivalents out there.

    The Vermont Country store sells bottles Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific and Lemon Up shampoo, providing you’re willing to pay a little extra.

  4. I loved Vel shampoo, Wella Kolestral for deep conditioning, Breck was a fave of mine; I would use Breck shampoo, and finish with a club soda rinse, and I am not exaggerating when I say my hair sparkled!!

  5. My favorites from the 60’s & 70’s were Original Prell, Breck, Herbal Essence, Lemon Up, Faberge Wheat Germ Oil & Honey Shampoo & Conditioner. Then Love’s Lemon Shampoo, Conditioner & Cologne I miss this one especially so much. A few are available today but the formula and scents have changed, they don’t leave the hair looking and feeling thick, healthy & beautiful. They are full of chemicals.

  6. I loved walking down sudsy memory lane! And seeing the vintage ads to go with each shampoo/ conditioner ad warmed my heart! I so remember when Pantene was only available in a department store. I always loved the fruity shampoos/conditioner. But I think my fav was Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. I found a product by R&co called waterfall moisture and shine lotion that smells like Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific. The fragrance level is turned way down, but it’s there. Great product too, btw. I also loved Yucca Dew. Seems like it wasn’t around for long. I also fondly remember the Love’s Fresh Lemon products. Thanks for the memories!

  7. I can’t remember the name of the shampoo that had real perfume essence…. perfume, perfume…

  8. I remember several of these and loved Herbal Essences, Agree, Earth Born, and pretty much anything fruit scented. Why don’t we have more fruit scented hair care products now? I like the perfumy scents but in the Spring and Summer I would appreciate some fruity smells!

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