Vintage gift sets for women & girls: Fragrance, beauty & skincare for her

Classic cosmetic gift sets

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FROM THE 1970s

Max Factor’s Garden of Christmas Treasures (1970)

Come gather a bouquet of exciting new gift ideas. All the pleasures of Christmas dressed in rich and ripe California colors from Max Factor.

Max Factor garden gift sets in California colors from 1970 (2)

Max Factor garden gift sets in California colors from 1970 (1)

The Essence of Aquarius: A totally new and feminine fragrance, symbolizing the new woman, individual and free-spirited.

Plant a Flower Bath: The new Bubble Bath Seeds. Sixteen gaily-decorated packages filled with crystal-like seeds for a fragrant bubbling bath.

From the Royal Garden: Royal Regiment, vigorous and exciting fragrances for the man in your life.

Night-Blooming Scent: Keep the love lights burning with perfumed candles in fragrances of Primitif or Hypnotique

Masterpieces in Miniatures: Exquisite, miniature works of art with the look of precious antiques. Richly-engraved Collectors’ Compacts filled with a cache of translucent creme puff.

“The Intimate Best-Dressed Collection” (1970)

Revlon creates the First Completely Intimate Spring.

The most beautiful fragrance in the world in a collection that’s all dressed up especially for the most beautiful time of the year.

Now there’s less to wear. But many more Intimate things to put on. And we’ve got every inch of you covered, With lavish and lingering Intimate sprays. Perfumed powders. Creamy milk baths. And more. All wrapped up in wildflowers and loveknots.

For this Spring’s most beautiful gift. (Even to yourself!) What’s left for you to do? Just find someone to get close to.

Intimate by Revlon. Cherished as one of the world’s seven great fragrances.

Vintage Intimate by Revlon gift set 1970

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Vintage gift sets for women: This is Eau de Love (1978)

Jasmin. (Because it smells like spring.)
Orange Blossoms. (Because they’re fresh.)
Oak Moss. (Because it’s cool and green.)
Mediterranean Rose. (Because it’s sophisticated.)
Geranium. (For honesty)
Lemon. (For a touch of lightness.)
Sandalwood. (Because it’s modern.)
Lavender. (Because it’s romantic.)

These are the things that make Eau de Love subtle, yet stirring.

And now you can use Eau de Love in five new stirring ways. Eau de Love Dusting Gloss. Eau de Love Body Moisture. Eou de Love Both Perfume Oil. Edu de Love Boshing Foam. And Eau de Love Frosted Splash.

Retro Eau de Love fragrance gift set 1970

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Vintage makeup gift sets from Clairol, based on hair color (1966)

The 12 ways of Christmas by Clairol: Now you can give any girl any gift here! (All you need to know is the color of her hair.)

Vintage makeup gift sets from Clairol, based on hair color 1966 (1)

Cosmetic gifts used to be risky, because you couldn’t be sure of the shade. But this Christmas, you can be sure.

Because Clairol blends cosmetics just for blondes. Just for redheads. Just for brunettes, brownettes, honey blondes and silvers. (And each gift is wrapped in a special color that tells you the hair color it’s intended for.)

  1. Soft-Blush
  2. Holly Dolly
  3. Tinted Topcoats
  4. 4 to Go
  5. Color & Contour
  6. 8 Lipcolors
  7. Lipcolor (gold-tone case)
  8. Holly Dolly Flicker Stick & Lipcolor
  9. Opaline Soft-Blush & frosty Flicker Stick
  10. Color and Contour Kit & 4 to Go
  11. Tinted Topcoats & 8 Lipcolors
  12. A partridge in a pear tree

Vintage makeup gift sets from Clairol, based on hair color 1966 (2)

FROM THE 1960s

Yardly gift sets (1964)

Yardley puts bath oil, soap, powder, clouds of heavenly cologne, and dozens of other sweet-scented gifts into dazzling holiday boxes. Wouldn’t she love to get one?

Yardley gift set 1964

Vintage gift sets for women from Avon Cosmetics (1969)

Once there was a woman who thought she had everything until you have her Christmas treasures from Avon.

Avon Christmas gift sets - Cosmetics 1969

Coty is for every kind of Eve… (1965)

Especially Christmas.

You’ll bring out the Eve in any woman when you bring on the Coty. L’Aimant, Emeraude, L’Origan or Paris. Four of the Great Ones. (The one that really makes her care? That’s for you to find out.)

And don’t overlook ‘Imprévu’. The Unforeseen, the Unexpected. The latest enchantment from the world’s greatest house of perfume. It’s a fresh and frivolous romp of fragrance, incredibly young and beautiful.

Women's Coty gift set 1965

Retro Coty gift set 1965

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Clairol / Bigi’s California girl (1968)

Bigi, who is an original original, has ideas of her own about everything. And now she has her own store-within-a-store (on Bergdorf’s Sixth Floor) that reflects her very special outlook on clothing, accessories and beauty.

Here’s Bigi’s beauty bit. She keeps her complexion in California climate year round. On the slopes, or in the surf, she packs her own Portable California (a Bigi exclusive edition). It’s a sun-shiny vinyl Travel Tote packed with 3 skin caretakers, 4 trio of facemakers — all devoted to keeping her in a glowing, golden state of beauty.

Vintage California Girl cosmetic gift sets from 1968

Revlon gift sets (1964)

Look! Revlon has her number…and hers…and hers…and his!

‘Intimate’ Perfume Spray in an extravagantly beautiful new bottle…at a price to make you believe in Santa Claus!

Everything from fun to fabulous — for the girls (and even the boys!)

Best man-euver a girl can make: give him a gentle-man’s gift by Revlon. What he likes about you is… you know what he likes!

Vintage cosmetic gift sets from 1964 (2)

Vintage cosmetic gift sets from 1964 (1)

Shulton Christmas gift sets (1964)

For a Christmas she’ll remember long past December the loveliest fragrances — by Shulton.

Featuring gift sets from Desert Flower, Friendship Garden, Escapade, and Early American Old Spice.

Vintage cosmetic gift sets from 1964 (3)

’66 is a great year for Coty perfumes (1966)

Bottled and imported from France. L’Aimant, Emeraude, L’Origan, Paris, and Imprevu. 5 great perfumes with the Christmas Spirit.

’66 is a great year for Coty gift sets.

33 ways to give Coty fragrances in a spray mist, talc, toilet water, bath oil, and dusting powder.

Vintage Coty cosmetic gift sets from 1966

FROM THE 1950s

Vintage gift sets of Houbigant fragrances (1955)

To say Merry Christmas… say it with Houbigant’s Chantilly.

Houbigant gift sets from 1955

Budding Beauty by Tussy (1955)

Gifts that little girls love… for the little girl you love!

Budding Beauty gifts are sheer bliss for any tiny miss… her own special “grown up beauty things”!

There’s lipstick (soothing, colorless pomade) with a mirror, bubble bath, toilet water, and dusting powder just like big sister’s! And so many other thrilling, fragrant Christmas gifts!

Tussy beauty gift sets for kids from 1955

Primitif (1956)

Exciting Christmas gifts of Primitif — a new fragrance brought to American by Max Factor.

For the woman is every inch a female. Includes Parfum Cologne, “Sophisti-cat”, Double Meaning, Primitif Encore, and Perfect Pair.

Max Factor Primitif gift set 1956

Yardley For her: fragrant, feminine Christmas gifts. (1956)

Yardley Christmas fragrance gift sets from 1956

Gifts by Shulton, for women and men (1956)

18 perfect answers for a successful Christmas list. Includes Old Spice for Men, Early American Old Spice, Desert Flower, Escapade, Friendship Garden, and more.

Old Spice and Shulton gift sets for men and women from 1956

Yardley Christmas gifts (1951)

Be a Christmas Angel — give fragrant gifts by Yardley.

Gift sets - Beauty from 1951 (1)

Shulton Christmas gifts (1951)

Gay and glistening gifts — including Early American Old Spice, Old Spice for Men, Desert Flower, Friendship’s Garden.

Gift sets - Beauty from 1951 (2)

Evening in Paris by Bourjois (1951)

Smart Santas give Evening in Paris by Bourjois.

Including perfumes, colognes, dusting powders, and more!

Gift sets - Beauty from 1951 (3)

Mostly with a man in mind… (1951)

Pier Angeli as she looks away from the cameras. This lovely young beauty, now co-starring in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer’s “The Light Touch” is one of the many beautiful Hollywood stars who have that fresh, young, natural look… wherever they go… whatever they do!

It’s a secret you can share when you follow Max Factor’s simple, 5-step way to natural loveliness.

This Christmas, men, you can be a real glamour expert … surprise your “Leading Lady” with gifts exactly matched to her coloring.

Let’s get out of the rut this Christmas, men! Let’s give something fresh, new … something that will be adored by your adored! And this year Max Factor makes it easy for you with the five gay gifts shown on these pages and 9 grand additional selection at all leading stores.

Starting right this minute. you’re a glamour expert! Just step up to the cosmetic counter and tell the sales person you want a Max Factor make-up gift for a blonde, a brunette, a brownette, a redhead… whichever your leading lady happens to be.

In a matter of seconds, you’ll have a color-harmonized, fashion-harmonized ensemble guaranteed to give your leading lady that fresh, young, natural look!

So, men — if you’re looking for something nice under that old mistletoe… better start looking right now for something nice — something by Max Factor — at your favorite shopping place.

For that fresh, young, natural look — Max Factor.

Old Max Factor gift sets for her from 1951 (2)

Old Max Factor gift sets for her from 1951 (1)

Newest by Dorothy Gray (1957)

Gift ideas by Dorothy Gray, inspired by Christmas treasures with a breath of rare enchantment.

Vintage Dorothy Gray gift sets from 1957

Yardley for her (1956)

Fragrant, feminine Christmas gifts – soaps, bath salts, toilet water, talc

Yardley gift sets - 1956

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