Retro Rubbermaid food storage & kitchen gadgets from the ’70s & ’80s

See retro Rubbermaid food storage and kitchen gadgets

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Take a look back at these cute plastic retro Rubbermaid food storage containers, mixing bowls, measuring cups and other kitchen gadgets that lived in kitchens during the seventies and eighties.

They even came in some of the most popular colors of the time: harvest gold, avocado green and poppy. (PS: If you love the idea of that, take a look at this: Retro pots & pans in the best ’70s colors, like avocado & harvest gold.)

Rubbermaid Food Keepers: Keep your food crisp and fresh (1972)

You need Food Keepers with the Rubbermaid fresh-lock seal. You can see what’s stored through the sides, without having to remove the kid.

Rubbermaid Food Keepers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors. They are the nicest way to store just about everything.

Rubbermaid Food Keepers with flower tops (1972)

Rubbermaid has colorful ways to help family budgets stay in the black (1976)

These days, making things from scratch is one of the best ways to make ends meet. 

Rubbermaid can help. We have a lot of colorful, handy, yet inexpensive products that let you store, pour, cut, scoop and measure whatever the recipe calls for.

And sturdy, nonskid mixing bowls  you can really get a grip on. Whether you cook for, love or economy, it’s nice to know you can afford some help. That’s the beauty of Rubbermaid.

  • Special handle and nonskid bottom make Grip ‘n Mix Bowls easy to work with.
  • Flat-bottomed Measuring Scoops sit up straight.
  • Crisper Mats let air circulate to keep produce fresh.
  • Food Keepers let you see what you’re keeping.
  • Clear Measuring Cups show cups and ounces.
  • Pretty Cutting Board doubles as a serving tray.

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Vintage Rubbermaid plastic bowls and food storage (1976)

Rubbermaid help for cooking (1977)

With everything we make, we try to give you better value for your money. Which is just what you’d expect from Rubbermaid.

  • Stacking Pitchers save space in your refrigerator.
  • Strainer/Spatula. One utensil does many jobs.
  • Grip ‘n Mix Bowls. Handle and no-skid bottom make them easier to work with. Two sizes and bright colors.
  • Strainer/Colander in one with lots of practical features.
  • Food Keepers. It’s easy to see what you’re keeping fresh.
  • Recipe file box organizes your recipes, holds them while you work.
  • Measuring spoons have long handles to reach easily into the deepest jars.
  • Colorful Cutting Board doubles as a serving tray.

We help around the home. Rubbermaid Incorporated, Wooster, Ohio 44691

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Retro Rubbermaid food storage and kitchen gadgets (1977)

Retro Rubbermaid food storage and kitchen gadgets from 1980

  • Vegetable brush makes the cleaning easy, and it’s easy to clean.
  • Stacking pitchers save space in the fridge.
  • One-handed flour sifter stores easily.

Retro Rubbermaid food storage and utensils from 1980 (4)

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Retro Rubbermaid kitchen gadgets (1980)

  • These four-sided funnels are easy to store.
  • See-through Food Keepers seal in freshness.
  • Old-fashioned Candy Jar Canisters for flour and sugar. Or whatever.
  • Shredder is as easy to hold as it is to clean.

Retro Rubbermaid food storage and utensils from 1980 (3)

Rubbermaid vintage strainer spatula and more

  • Use the Pour Strainer/Colander on the rim of a saucepan, or let it stand alone.
  • Our Slicer is really sharp. Easy to handle, too.
  • This spatula doubles as a strainer to save space.
  • Our Colander is slotted for faster drainage.

Retro Rubbermaid food storage and utensils from 1980 (2)

Rubbermaid bowls and kitchen utensils from the 80s

  • Grip ‘n Mix bowls with handles, pouring spouts, and non-skid bottoms.
  • Our Juicer/Measuring Bowl has a handle and a no-skid ring on the bottom.
  • Here’s the Scoop. Sturdy handle and curved shape make ice cream easy and delish.
  • Crisper Mats for keeping produce fresher, longer.

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Retro Rubbermaid food storage and utensils from 1980 (5)

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