See how many vintage celebrities who used to advertise cigarettes

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See the vintage celebrities who used to advertise cigarettes - Ron Reagan 1950s

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Celebrities say: Pleasure helps your disposition (1955)

It’s a psychological fact: How’s your disposition today?

It’s natural to feel grumpy as a goat when little annoyances pile up. But it’s a psychological fact that pleasure helps your disposition.

So, if you’re a smoker, you should choose the cigarette that gives you the most pleasure. And that means Camels — America’s most popular cigarette.

Celebrities featured: John Wayne, Teresa Wright, Alan Ladd, Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, Joanne Dru, Gene Nelson

Celebrities pitch Camel cigarettes (1955)

From an US Magazine article about John Wayne, from June 27, 1978: “Then he went into detail about how his habitual six packs of cigarettes a day had resulted in a lung tumor the size of a baseball.”

Ronald Reagan for Chesterfield cigarettes - Christmas 1951

Alan Hale for Chesterfield cigarettes Dec 15, 1947

Dec 1941 Maureen O'Hara Chesterfield cigarettes

Dec 7, 1953 I Love Lucy cigarettes

Groucho Marx vintage ads for Old Gold cigarettes

Sep 29, 1952 Desi Arnaz Lucille Ball - cigarettes

Vintage actor Bob Hope for Chesterfield cigarettes (1954)

Myrna Loy cigarettes 1938

Gary Cooper for Lucky Strike cigarettes (1930s)

Vintage actress Ann Sothern with Christmas cigarettes (1950s)

Jack Webb for Chesterfield cigarettes (1954)

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