Gilligan’s Island show intro, theme song & lyrics (1964-67)

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Gilligan’s Island ran for a total of 98 episodes over three seasons — from September 26, 1964, to September 4, 1967. The show featured the adventures of seven castaways who were shipwrecked during what was to be only a three-hour sightseeing tour of Hawaii, who somehow ended up stranded for years on an uncharted island in the south Pacific.

The first season of the show was filmed in black-and-white — later colorized for syndication — while the program’s second and third seasons (along with the three television movie sequels) were filmed in color.

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The crew (and cast) of Gilligan’s Island

Did you know The Skipper’s real name? What about the Professor?

  • Gilligan (Bob Denver)
  • Jonas ‘The Skipper’ Grumby (Alan Hale Jr.)
  • Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus)
  • Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Lovey Howell)
  • Ginger Grant (Tina Louise)
  • Professor Roy Hinkley (Russell Johnson)
  • Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells)

For a show about people lost on a supposedly deserted island, they sure had a lot of visitors! Some notable guest stars included Kurt Russell ( Jungle Boy), Zsa Zsa Gabor (Erika Tiffany-Smith), Richard Kiel (Russian Agent), Don Rickles (Norbett Wiley), Phil Silvers (Harold Hecuba) and Sterling Holloway (Burt).

Gilligan's Island show

Gilligan’s Island opening & closing credits (color)

Gilligan’s Island Season 1 intro (black & white)

Gilligan’s Island TV opening lyrics

Just sit right back
And you’ll hear a tale
A tale of a fateful trip,
That started from this tropic port,
Aboard this tiny ship.
The mate was a mighty sailin’ man,
The Skipper brave and sure,
Five passengers set sail that day,
For a three hour tour,
A three hour tour.

The weather started getting rough,
The tiny ship was tossed.
If not for the courage of the fearless crew
The Minnow would be lost.
The Minnow would be lost.

The ship set ground on the shore
Of this uncharted desert isle
With Gilligan,
The Skipper too.
The millionaire
And his wife,
The movie star,
The professor and Mary Ann,
Here on Gilligan’s Isle.

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Gilligan’s Island TV ending lyrics

So this is the tale of our castaways,
They’re here for a long long time.
They’ll have to make the best of things,
It’s an uphill climb.

The first mate and his Skipper too
Will do their very best,
To make the others comfortable
In their tropic island nest.

No phone, no lights, no motor car,
Not a single luxury
Like Robinson Crusoe
It’s primitive as can be.

So join us here each week my friends,
You’re sure to get a smile,
From seven stranded castaways
Here on Gilligan’s Isle!

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