7-Up float: Combine Seven-Up soda & ice cream for a truly retro treat

7-Up float Seven-Up soda & ice cream for a truly retro treat 1964 (1)

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You like it… it likes you! (1952)

Seven-Up with ice cream! What a cool, cool combination for a summer afternoon… what a treat for the whole family!

Yes — friendly, lively 7-UP is the all-family drink… so pure, so good, so wholesome for everyone. Fresh up — often — with crystal-clear, sparkling 7-Up!

7-Up Float Seven-Up and your favorite ice cream 1952

Boys like girls who make Seven-Up “floats” (1960)

7-up floats with ice cream - 1960

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Have a 7-Up “Float” party (1961)

Why not plan a 7-Up “Float” party that provides fun for the entire family, using the ice cream parlor as your party theme?

Fancy decor is not necessary — but the refreshments are all-important. 

Complete with soda straws and tall drink spoons, and you’re on your way to being the most popular party hostess a summer afternoon ever had.

Add a dash of color to your 7-Up Party Floats by adding fresh fruit. Embellish them with decorative straws and add party ornaments to the soda glass handies. Party straws of many colors and sizes can be found in department and variety stores.

You can use such attractive ornaments as paper cut-outs, plastic toys, gay ribbons or flowers to give your 7-Up Floats a special party dress. You’ll win rounds of applause and with very little extra effort.

7-Up Float Seven-Up and your favorite ice cream 1954

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7-up berry floats (1961)

Because the light sparkling flavor of 7-Up gives a lift to any fruit, you can make 7-Up “Floats” with any combination of berries that captures your fancy. Red or black raspberries, strawberries or blueberries give variety to your 7-Up “Floats” all summer long.

To make your 7 Up berry floats, scoop a generous dip of ice cream into a tall glass. Spoon in berries. Then, tilt the glass and pour 7-Up gently down the side. Seven-Up’s lively locked-in carbonation gives it that friendly fizz that makes a 7-up float so distinctively taste-tingling.

These colorful 7-Up Berry “Floats” are so quick to make on the spot that they also provide a perfect picnic idea. Seven UP, ice cream and berries can be toted in an insulated bag or cooler.

The Morning Call (Allentown, Pennsylvania)13 Jul 1960, WedPage 16

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Flavor of the islands: Polynesian 7-up float (1963)

Planning a Hawaiian Luau? … bridge party … club meeting? If you are, plan to serve an exotic party treat — Polynesian 7-Up floats. Guests are sure to enjoy this sparkling fruit combination.

7-Up ‘’Floats’’ can be as colorful as a rainbow. Using a combination of different sherbet flavors (such as raspberry, lime and pineapple) produces a multicolored effect. Try this special blend of fruit flavors accented with sparkling 7-Up. The natural flavor of lemon and lime found in 7-Up blends with other fruit flavors perfectly,

Place one small scoop each of pineapple, lemon and raspberry sherberts in a large glass. Tilt the glass and slowly pour in one bottle (7-ounces) chilled 7-Up. Garnish with a carved wooden hors d’oeuvre pick containing a maraschino cherry and chunk of pineapple.

Flavor of the islands Polynesian 7-up float (1963)

Winner in every straw vote… 7-Up Float

Seven-Up and your favorite ice cream — that’s today’s winning combination.

Plunk! A nice big scoopful of ice cream goes into a tall glass. (Like strawberry, chocolate, pistachio — you name it!) Then chilled, sparkling 7-Up is poured in after it. And if you think your 7-Up “float” looks luscious, just wait until you put a straw to it.

The fresh, clean 7-Up taste does wonderful things to ice cream. Sherbet, too. How about having one right now?

7-Up float Seven-Up soda & ice cream for a truly retro treat 1964 (2)

7-Up float Seven-Up soda & ice cream for a truly retro treat 1964 (1)

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