Janet Jackson for The Disney Channel (1984)

Original publication: Black Enterprise Date: Sep 1984
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Janet Jackson for the Disney Channel (1984)

“When your family watches the Disney Channel, something magic happens.” – Janet Jackson

Imagine TV that comes to life right in your own home! Imagine TV that’s fun! And entertaining! And educational! And your whole family wants to watch together.

And that’s just what happens on The Disney Channel, available wherever there’s cable TV.

The Disney Channel is pure family entertainment with favorites from the Disney library like Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, Tron, Davy Crockett, Captain Nemo, Long John Silver, and, of course, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Plus, there are surprising new, exclusively made for The Disney Channel shows that even adults can’t wait to see! It’s commercial-free, seven days a week, and just the kind of magic you’d expect from Disney.

If there’s one thing my family and I know, it’s entertainment. And The Disney Channel is the kind of family entertainment you’ll be proud to have in your home.

Call your local cable company and subscribe to the Disney Channel today. And watch something magic happen.

Discover Disney: Put More Magic In Your TV.

(Photo: Janet Jackson with Mickey Mouse and Goofy)

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Source publication: Black Enterprise

Publication date: Sep 1984

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