See ‘Donald Gets Drafted,’ Disney’s WWII Donald Duck cartoon from 1942

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Donald Gets Drafted - Donald Duck WWII movie 1942
“Donald Gets Drafted” was a pro-military vintage movie short released by Disney early in World War II. Shown nationwide before feature films, the cartoon earned the high marks of a “swell” rating.

Animated short film “Donald Gets Drafted” rated Swell

The Film Daily – April 30, 1942

Donald Gets Drafted - Disney Donald Duck WWII 1942 animation
Disney’s Donald Duck animation drafts from American Cinematographer – July 1942

The usual Disney standard is maintained in Donald Duck’s latest experience.

The opening sequence shows him looking at a series of excellent posters concerning Army life [during World War II] as he is on his way to the draft board.

Becoming very ebullient about the whole idea, Donald Duck rushes in for his physical and goes through the usual grief and tribulation a selectee is faced with.

Disney has whipped up some hilarious situations. This is in Technicolor.

Studio: RKO Pictures
Duration: 9 minutes
Rating: Swell

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Donald Duck gets drafted - Movie newspaper ad 1942

Watch it: “Donald Gets Drafted” (video)

Donald Gets Drafted - Vintage Donald Duck WWII movie 1942

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