Get a load of that view! Here are some images showing parts of New York City’s skyline as it appeared back in 1917.

New York City's skyline


Union Square in 1917

Union Square in 1917
>> Announcement of the Empire State Building (1929)


The views south and west from the Equitable Building

The views south and west from the Equitable Building


Brooklyn Plaza of the Manhattan Bridge

by Harry M. Pettit, 1917


>> NYC’s stunning historical Fifth Avenue mansions (1890s)


The most heavily-guarded district in the City

The East River from the Brooklyn end of the Manhattan Bridge, looking across the Brooklyn Navy Yard towards the Battery. A spot vital to New York’s shipping and naval life. (New-York Tribune, April 29, 1917)

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Source publication: New-York Tribune

Source publication date: 29 April 1917

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