Hoover Suction Sweeper (patented 1908)

LIFE Jan 25, 1963 vintage vacuum 1908


Hoover for sanitary cleaning (1920)

Immaculate rugs are safe playgrounds for the children. Clean thoroughly to protect childhood’s precious health. Beat out embedded dirt and germs. Sweep up all litter that clings. Suction away all loose grime. Do it frequently. Only The Hoover performs these essentials of sanitary cleaning. And it is the largest selling electric cleaner in the world.

1920 Hoover Suction Sweeper vacuum 2

The Hoover: It beats – as it sweeps – as it cleans (1920)

Moths are unable to indulge their expensive appetites in the depths of the rug that is frequently beaten by The Hoover. Those which burrow deeply to feast or to deposit their eggs are speedily removed, together with all destructive, embedded grit. Besides beating, The Hoover swiftly sweeps up all stubborn litter, rights crushed nap, renews colorings and suction cleans. Only The Hoover performs these essentials. And it is the largest selling electric cleaner in the world.

1920 Hoover Suction Sweeper vacuum


The Hoover electric suction sweeper (1918)

Sweeps up all stubborn clinging dirt

Only the Hoover instantly sweeps up even the stubbornest-clinging lint, threads, hairs and litter — and without scattering clouds of dust. Only the Hoover beats out embedded grit, straightens crushed nap and restores original brightness — besides “vacuum cleaning” carpetings. The Hoover Beating-Sweeping Brush is patented.

Hoover Suction Sweeper Co 1918

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