Bathroom floor brilliantly inspired by abstract art (1958)

Brilliantly inspired by abstract art — this refreshing bathroom floor is “Terrazzo Chip”. . . latest and loveliest KENTILE Solid Vinyl Tile. It’s resilient . . . greaseproof and waterproof . . . a dream to clean . . . and wears and wears. Remember, too, such glowing colors and fashion designs are found only in Kentile Floors.

Colors: Dark Granite, Tennessee and Dark Tennessee with black feature strip

LIFE Mar 17, 1958 vinyl floor kentile


New vinyl floor tile: 38 go-together colors — 3 styles (1956)

Something new has been added to KenFlex floors…new coordinated colors with on easy-to-follow decorator-harmony chart now at your KenFlex Dealers. There’s new excitement in Carnival KenFlex, now harmonized to blend with new shades in Marbleized KenFlex. New richness in the natural cork-look of Corktone KenFlex, too. Blended of vinyl and sturdy asbestos fibers, this glowing, greaseproof floor is so easy to keep clean.

Tile-deep colors can’t wear off. Install it yourself from basement to attic and save… average 8’x 10′ room costs about $21.50.

vintage vinyl tile colors LIFE Oct 8, 1956 kenroyal


Finer by far! (1952)

Gold Seal vinyl inlaids

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LIFE Apr 21, 1952 vinyl floor


Vinyl tile on today’s smartest floors (1958)

Delightfully ingenious and so refreshing! This charming stepping-stone floor of fabulous new KENTILE Vinyl Asbestos Tile. And it’s wonderfully practical! Greaseproof . . . won’t scuff … a dream to clean … and so very easy on the budget! Of course, too, only Kentile Floors offer you such exciting fashion colors — such remarkable variety of design.

LIFE Apr 28, 1958 vinyl asbestos tile kentile


The loveliest floor is easiest to clean (1956)

LIFE Jul 23, 1956 retro kitchen with yellow and blue vinyl floor tile kenroyal

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