Bathroom colors become brighter and more varied (1957 & 1958)

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More color in the bathroom

From the Sheboygan Press – April 29, 1957

Pink and yellow bathroom fixture sales increased sharply last year, reports the Plumbing Fixture Manufacturers’ Association. White bathroom fixtures continued to lose ground to color. Sales of other colors, including blue, gray, green, ivory, deep red, and tan, remained fairly stable.

Fourteen percent more pink lavatories were sold than a year ago, says the PFMA. Pink toilet sales showed an 18 percent increase, but pink bathtub sales dropped about 10 percent. Yellow lavatories registered a 10 percent sales gain. Yellow toilets and bathtubs were up 4 and 6 percent respectively, the PFMA says.

Sales of white fixtures were down 10 percent for lavatories, 13 percent for toilets, and 16 percent for bathtubs, PFMA points out.

Bathroom colors become brighter

From the Racine Journal Times Bulletin – December 28, 1958

The top basic colors in bathroom fixtures are now yellow, pink, and baby blue. Standard white has taken a back seat.

Color-scheming the bathroom with these new fixtures can be fun. Try stained plastic-finished wood walls, and red brick-or-tile patterned linoleum or brown-and-yellow tile with harmonizing accessories and yellow fixtures.

A delicate or bold effect can be fashioned from pink bathroom fixtures, contrasted with black or brown. The delicate or bold effect can come from charcoal accessories, the bold from using brown walls and floor.

Baby blue is a good color for the family bath. Try plastic finished wallboard of the same color as the blue fixtures, and use gay red accents.

For a powder room, use delicate blues and greens, and hang Venetian blinds of the same color as fixtures.

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