See some fancy decorated vintage bathroom sinks that used to be so popular

Fancy painted decorated bathroom sinks like these were popular in the 60s

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Artistic washbins inspire elegance

by Genevieve Meyer – The Times (Shreveport, Louisiana) June 13, 1971

Exquisite washbasins are being used by decorators for more majestic looking bathrooms. Done in a variety of colors and patterns, the basins can be coordinated with fixtures and fittings to achieve a total look.

Floral painted sink with fancy faucets from the 1980s

With all the attention being paid to bathrooms nowadays, it is no small wonder that more exciting fittings and furnishings are being offered for that decor.

Washbasins inspired by works of the early Chinese as well as of 17th- and 18th-century craftsmen, whose masterpieces are today’s museum treasures, have been offered along with coordinated accessories, designed, tested and redesigned after the manner of these period craftsmen.

Fixtures and fittings can revitalize bathroom decor without extensive investment, and this is a comparatively easy job according to Sherle Wagner, although he advises use of a qualified workman.

Vintage sink by Sherie Wagner with painted lilies - 1980s

To carry out a coordinated look even to the walls, one manufacturer is offering a group of hand-screened wallcoverings, printed on a white background and conveying the look of hand-painted china.

They are available in designs executed for washbasins, such as Summer Garden, Delft, Ming Blossoms and Chinoiseries printed on patent vinyl and completely washable.

Ideally suitable to bathrooms, especially when used in concert with matching washbasins and fixtures, these decorative and practical wall-coverings can also be used in dining rooms, foyers, closets, or in any part of the home where wallpaper might be used. And they can extend the same pattern of the bath elegantly into the adjacent bedroom.

Vintage bathroom decor: Misty rose design on purple tile, sink & toilet

Purple retro 60s bathroom with decoated sinks and tile

Retro yellow bathroom decor with patterned tile and sink from the 60s

Retro yellow bathroom decor with patterned tile and sink from the 60s

Fashionette decorated plumbing ware (1963)

Remarkably beautiful… unbelievably economical theme setters… with matching accessories to accent your individuality!

See what Rheem — creator of Misty Lilac plumbing fixtures — has done now to make your bath a haven of beauty. Six exquisitely decorated wash basins have been designed by Ellen Lehman McCluskey, A.I.D., to set your theme.

Matching Rheem faucet sets, toilet seats, toilet tank lids and vanities are also available. And to coordinate your bath right down to the last detail, Rheem has authorized leading accessory manufacturers to make matching towels, shower curtains, cabinet hardware, wallpaper, wall tile and floor tile — and even matching ceramic towel bars, soap dishes and glass holders. You’ll find them at leading stores and specialty shops.

Painted and decorated vintage sinks from 1963

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Painted violets on decorated vintage bathroom sinks (1963)

What could be simpler! Just start with the Rheem “Fashionette” washbasin design that best expresses your taste. Ready for countertop installation, it costs little more than plain white plumbing.

Add a matching Rheem decorated faucet set, toilet seat and tank lid. Then let inspiration be your guide in choosing other matching accessories.

Now, when it’s so easy to have a creatively beautiful bath or powder room without costly remodeling, why wait?

Fashionette decorated plumbing ware (1963)

Vintage bathroom decor with painted sink from 1963

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Retro flower & paisley patterned sinks

These decorated vintage bathroom sinks were featured in the Sears catalog in 1968.

Paisley print sinks from 1968

Vintage bathroom suite in beige with green tile and painted sinks

Vintage bathroom suite in beige with green tile and painted sinks

Gold Moderne sink in red restroom

A distinctive contemporary border design in coin gold and black baked on Rheem Winter White vitreous china plumbing ware.

Oriental allure in the modern manner distinguishes this bath. Red, black and bold were never more impressive in a color scheme. A huge mirror reflecting an interesting Shoji window treatment makes the room look even larger.

Vintage 60s decorated sinks and bathroom plumbing fixtures (3)

Six retro sixties sink styles from Rheem

Styles shown: Misty rose – Grecian gold – Tulip time – Gold Moderne – Victorian garden – Paris violet

Vintage 60s decorated sinks and bathroom plumbing fixtures (2)

Victorian Garden flowered sink

Deep pink,  heavenly blue and yellow flower bouquet design based on winter white china

Fresh as a May morning is this airy bathroom with its pink and white color scheme, inspired by a gay Victorian Garden washbasin with matching porcelain ceramic faucet set.

Vintage 60s decorated sinks and bathroom plumbing fixtures (1)

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