Vintage Bloomies! Antique Bloomingdale’s ads

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Bloomingdale’s originally opened in 1861 when the Bloomingdale brothers began by selling hoop-skirts on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Then in 1872, the two opened their first store at 938 Third Avenue in New York City, and moved in 1886 to their location on 59th Street and Lexington Avenue. Here are some bits and pieces from the early days!

Bloomingdale Bros. Illustrated Fashion Catalog (Summer 1890)


Bloomingdale Bro’s building

918 Third Avenue, New York


Bloomingdale’s ad from 1886

From The Sun — May 2, 1886


Bloomingdale’s ads from 1887

From The Sun — October 30, 1887

Bloomingdale's ads from 1887

Bloomingdale Bros at 3rd Avenue at 59th & 60th Streets having a Whitsuntide Sale. (From The Sun — May 27, 1887)


Bloomingdale Bross ad from 1889

Grand Spring Opening, offering trimmed millinery, ladies’ costumes, new spring silks, furniture, straw goods and more. (From The Evening World — March 25, 1889)

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