Vintage lava lamps: They’re like wild – way out! (1960s & 1970s)

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Lava lamps 1999

Lava Lite lava lamps: The decorator lite of a million moving shapes…

Truly America’s most dramatic accent light — adds glamour, interest and excitement to any setting… ever-changing, eye-pleasing, hypnotic, fascinating! its soft, warm, friendly glow makes it the perfect night light, TV light or decorator light of a million moving shapes. Available in three attractive liquid color combinations: orange/yellow, green/blue, red/clear.

Groovy retro lava lamps

Lava-Lite lava lamps from the 1970s

Lava Lamps in Wards catalog 190s


Retro lava lamps: “Light of a million moving shapes…”


Now, enter a new world of excitement and beauty with the mysteriously provocative LAVA LITE . . . America’s newest and most glamorous decorative lite. Continuously moving. ever-changing. it’s the action lite that captivates everyone with its hypnotic gyrations. Brilliantly styled, color-keyed to complement any decor. LAVA LITE offers unlimited decorative possibilities whenever and wherever it is used.


Check the many new models. 14 in all; check the exotic LAVA base and liquid color combinations-Blue/Green, Red/Clear and Orange/Yellow. You’ll find there’s a model and color scheme to add a “decorative touch” to every room. every office. every store or commercial establishment. Always the perfect gift for any occasion.

Vintage lava lamps from the '60s

America gets in the mood: Mood rings seen everywhere as colorful new-age trend of the ’70s captures the minds of millions

Lava Lite: Dazzles the imagination with ever-changing motion.

Vintage lava lamps: “Warm, friendly glow makes them perfect decorator, TV, night and accent lights. The perfect gift.”

Vintage lava lamps: They're like wild - way out! (1960s & 1970s)

Now! Something new in distinctive decorations: Lava Lite (1960s)

A colorful and versatile dancing lite of a million moving shapes to add glamour and excitement to your home…

Lava Lite is so unusual it defies description! Never before anything like it. Its endless motion fascinates soothes, intrigues and entertains. Glows softly, and dazzles the imagination with mysterious beauty. Use it in living room, den, bedroom, entrance way (dramatic office accessory, too). Unique conversation piece styled to fit any mood or decor. A gift of originality.

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Models shown below: Nordic, Enchantress Decorator, Century, Mediterranean, Enchantress Planter

Vintage Lava-Lite catalog page

The “in” gift of the year! (1967)

You’ll want several! Beautiful! New! Exotic! Fascinating! Intriguing!

They’re like wild — way out! It’s the flabbergaster that can’t be ignored! Eerie, ghostly color plus scintillating, sinuous motion… ever-changing — ever-different — never predictable. It’s the most different gift you can give or get. See our full selection of models and colors while they last!

The lite of a Million Moving Shapes

Lava Lite - The in gift of the year! (1967)

The hottest novelty item of 1975: Pet Rock

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