See old-fashioned La-Z-Boy recliners, easy chairs, swivel rockers and more from the ’70s

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

See old-fashioned La-Z-Boy recliners, easy chairs, swivel rockers

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

A beautiful way to relax: La-Z-Boy reclining chairs

I’m proud of our home. It’s taken me a long time to make it just the way I wanted it… smart, modern and comfortable. Our La-Z-Boy is a part of that look; it’s at home with company as it is when we’re relaxing on a quiet evening.

And, La-Z-Boy is the best. We looked at almost every recliner made, but none can match La-Z-Boy for styling, comfort or quality. If you’re as particular about your home as we are of ours, you’ll choose a La-Z-Boy, tool

La-Z-Boy vintage reclining chairs ad 1960s

Vintage lounge chairs: A recliner for Father’s Day puts Dad up front…

La-Z-Boy chairs for dad - 1972

La-Z-Boy La-Z-Lounger… even Scrooge would have been happy! (1971)

LaZBoy lounger chairs for the home from 1971

LaZBoy lounger chairs for the home from 1971-001

LaZBoy lounger chairs for the home from 1971

Pontiac Comfort-Mates offer more… style… comfort… savings

Pontiac Comfort-Mates rocker recliner chairs 1974

La-Z-Boy is still making them like they used to (1975)

How many times have you heard that expression — they’re not making them like they used to. And it’s true. Back in the good old days, you could get your dollar’s worth. You could count on quality. Somebody cared.

Somebody still does. La-Z.Boy. We’ve been crafting chairs with quality and pride in workmanship all along. And we’ll never stop. Take our La-Z-Rocker, for example. It swivels. It rocks. It turns easily on a specially designed mechanism. It gives you all you could ask for in comfort. It’s built to last. It’s made with the very finest materials — like fine fabrics of DuPont Nylon. So the next time you think they’re not making them like they used to, think again.

La-Z-Boy furniture chairs 1975

A '70s designer dream house: The American Home of 1974

Life will be beautiful in new Pontiac Plush Velvet Swivel Rockers (1974)

A truly magnificent swivel rocker, superbly designed and smartly styled for long life and beauty. Fashioned in nine luxurious colors. these rockers come in elegant 100% DuPont Orlon pile velvet by Borg. the smoothest. softest velvet ever.

Additional quality features include a contoured front, lined skirt, plush reversible seat cushion and deep tufted arms and back. Comfort, style, looks… and special savings when you buy a nigher in S179.95 each, suggested retail price. 

Pontiac plus velvet swivel rockers chairs 1974

La-Z-Boy Wall-Recliners keep everybody happy. They recline 1″ from the wall

La-Z-Boy wall recliners 1976 1977

“I’m going to write a new song, THESE ROCKIN’ CHAIRS GOT ME, Pontiac Rocker-Mates that is!” – Tennessee Ernie Ford

Tennessee Ernie Ford for Pontiac Rocker-Mates chairs 1975

Get down with these groovy vinyl floors from the '70s

Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy rocker

The La-Z-Boy La-Z-Rocker is an altogether new experience in seating comfort. Imagine a chair with a back that actually “breaks” with the natural movement of your body. But that isn’t all! This exciting innovation swivels as well as rocks!

What better gift could you give your family and yourself for Christmas? The La-Z-Boy La-Z-Rocker is the chair everyone is certain to think of as his very own. You’ll love that eclectic styling, accentuated with a low-back silhouette This lovely creation is available in the fabric and color of your choice.

Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy Rocker 1974 (1)

Joe Namath for La-Z-Boy Rocker 1974 (2)

Football legend Joe Namath used to toss around some innuendo for La-Z-Boy's recliner chairs

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10 Responses

  1. Where do I find 1960/70s Lazy recliners today (2020) is there a particular site that sells these vintage chairs?
    Thank you

      1. Darcy I would love to find the 1967 Rocking Recliner from Lazyboy have any idea where i can find one.

    1. You can’t. In 1981, the United Housewives of America raised enough money to have a special landfill created just for lazyboys from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

    2. I have a yellowish/tan one that’s vinyl/cloth and a green and black one that’s threads. Good cond for being from 60s. Both swivel and rock.

    3. Cara,
      I am in MI between Detroit and Ann Arbor. I have been researching Lazy Biy chairs with wooden arms and matching ottomans. I still have my dads chair from when I was a kid. The arms are upholstered except at the very end where you would put your hands to get up out of the chair. There is a matching ottoman to it.
      It has never been reupholstered and the upholstery is in dire shape but the mechanism works fine and the wood trim needs to be refinished bc it’s in its original worn state.
      Please contact me with any info you might have. I don’t know if this comment is still viable or monitored or how long ago it was put up but contact me if you can…

  2. Would anyone be able to identify what kind of la-z-boy I have? I know it’s an older model as I can’t find it anywhere on their site. It’s older and yellowish/tannish with tiny floral dots all over it. A wooden handle that says the company name. It’s a rocker recliner and swivels a full 360.

  3. I came across a 1976 Lazy boy swivel rocker. It is in amazing condition. Does anyone may know how much it may be worth

  4. Cara, Just scrolled down to read that Lazy Boys were put in a special landfill!! Is that true? My dad’s goes back to at least from 1956 or slightly ghtky before!

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