See some iconic retro Colorama aluminum tumblers & vintage drinkware from the ’50s & ’60s

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See some iconic retro Colorama aluminum tumblers vintage drinkware from the '50s '60s

Colorama – Exciting Heller’s “Colorized” Aluminum Tumblers – Unbreakable! Lightweight! Inviting to use!

Surprise your guests with these colorful, feel-so-good tumblers!

They’ll never guess you use them every day for the family, because Colorama tumblers will show no sign of wear. The color is scientifically fused into the aluminum for everlasting brilliance . . . can’t chip, crack or peel off.

Colorama aluminum tumblers - cups and serving ware from 1955

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Colorama tumblers

Buy Colorama tumblers in the set of 8 different colors for $5.98, or choose your own color combinations at 79c a tumbler.


= Emerald Green
= Sapphire Blue
= Glowing Gold
= Royal Purple
= Chartreuse
= Ruby Red
= Platinum
= Copper

Colorama shiny aluminum cups

Big Apple Ice Vault: Gay conversation piece for buffet or bar! Brilliant red, green, chartreuse, or gold-toned aluminum, insulated for long life to ice cubes $5.98

Cake Cover, Freshener: Thick aluminum cover in red, green. gold, or chartreuse with crystal glass serving tray that has “moisture lock” to seal in moisture. 10-inch & 14-inch King

8-piece Tumbler Sets: Feather-light aluminum 12-ounce tumblers in 8 assorted colors, in gift box. Tasteless, odorless, alcohol resistant, set. $5.98

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Colorama aluminum tumblers - cups for the home from 1955

Heller’s sensational Colorama serving aids… now more popular than ever!

Frosts perfectly for cold drinks. Guaranteed unbreakable, will not crack, chip, stain or peel. 8-piece set – $7.50

Large size 16-ounce 8-piece anodized aluminum tumbler set – the perfect tumbler for iced tea, iced coffee, frosted drinks.

These big full-size tumblers serve sparkling drinks in grand style. They’re smartly designed and brilliantly colored in brilliant Colorama shades. Unbreakable, lightweight, alcohol and stain-resistant.

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Heller Colorama serving aids - aluminum cups

Colorama tumblers of lifetime aluminum in eight magnificent decorator colors.

Hostess 8-piece Colorama tumbler set: Unbreakable, lightweight 12-ounce aluminum tumblers. Handsomely-shaped and smoothly-finished. Concave bottoms prevent sticking. 8 assorted anodized colors in transparent acetate tube. 12 to a carton. Suggested retail: $6.50/set.

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Vintage Colorama aluminum kitchenware

You’re right if it’s a COLORAMA

America’s first, finest anodized aluminum “hostess” serving aids now color-ized… colors scientifically fused into the metal for everlasting brilliance.

Colorama tumblers and cups from 1953

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See some iconic retro aluminum tumblers vintage drinkware from the '50s '60s

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