40 vintage Libbey drinking glass designs from the ’60s

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vintage Libbey drinking glass designs from the '60s

New! Fabulous textured glasses (1960)

New from Libbey — exciting dimensional designs! The fascinating textures and colors are not just super-imposed, they are a glowing translucent part of each Libbey “Safedge” glass.

Vintage patterns shown: Danube, Roses, Golden Frost, Icy Ribbons, Fern Glaze, Medallic [sic]

Libbey glasses Danube, Roses, Golden Frost, Icy Ribbons, Fern Glaze, Medallic

Vintage Libbey glassware from 1963

Vintage Libbey glassware from 1963

Libbey brings out more in glass (1967)

Libbey brings out more in glass (1967)

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Vintage Libbey glasses: Vienna, Strata, Turquoise Concord, Element

Libbey Glassware from 1964 (2)

Libbey Glassware from 1964 (1)

Feel right with matched glassware from Libbey: Platinum Leaves pattern (1966)

Attain serenity. Blush only at the compliments you get — when you serve with matched sets of Libbey. Like Platinum Leaves… Only about $4 a boxed set of 8 — yet guaranteed to bring harmony and beauty to your table.

Vintage Libbey glasses from 1966

How many women are you? Your Libbey Glass Wardrobe helps you keep count (1965)

Greeter (with smile) is you at break of day. Cheerful BERKSHIRE helps! juice set, about $4.00.

Slavey. Too often! But pause and refresh like royalty with GOLDEN RINGS. Set of 8, about $3.00.

Den Mother makes every pack meeting seem like a party with festive NORDIC. Set of 8…

Vintage Libbey glasses from 1965

Libbey glasses for a stylish table (1964)

“Your table is as fashionable as you are… with a Libbey Glass Wardrobe.”

The most entertaining gift you can give is Libbey (1963)

Try a versatile new hue – Bleu! (1967)

Try a versatile new hue - Bleu! (1967)

Holidays & Libbey glassware (1965)

“Make each holiday an occasion with a Libbey glass wardrobe.”

Make each holiday an occasion with a Libbey glass wardrobe 1965

Tempo cocktail set – Silver Foliage – Classic Novels vintage glass sets (1965)

“You’re not one woman, you’re almost infinite. And you can express all your exciting variety in sparkling Libbey,” says Julia Lee Cook, Libbey Home Stylist.

“With Libbey styles, you dress your table as appropriately as you dress yourself… and you change it as often. A feminine instinct. And a pleasant one to indulge; Libbey styles only look expensive. So be practical. Use your Libbey Glass Wardrobe to keep track of yourselves,”

Vintage Libbey glasses from the 1960s with a feminine instinct

Golden foliage accessory sets

An exquisite experience in gracious entertaining is offered by Libbey’s development of this 22K gold leaf pattern accented by delicate frosting.

Libbey Glass green foliage glassware with gold - Hostess sets

Retro barware from the ’60s

Vintage Libbey barware from 1962

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  1. I have a Libbey frosted glass with not one but two cursive L marks on the bottom. This does not look like a regular trademark although the both L symbols match Libbey’s perfectly, but it looks like an error. Do you have knowledge of any Double L marks from Libbey?

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