60 vintage Libbey glassware designs from the 60s

vintage Libbey drinking glass designs from the '60s

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Here, see more than 60 vintage Libbey glasses from the 60s that you might remember – and probably miss having in your home! In addition to retro ads, we also have some pages from vintage Libbey glassware catalogs of the era.

Vintage Libbey glasses & caddies from 1962

Classic styles shown: Crystal HobNob glasses, Rose Bouquet pattern, Golden Ice hostess set with Snack Rack, Smoke & Aqua TempoCaddy Sets, Tinted Tankards

Vintage Libbey drinking glasses and caddies from 1962

Vintage Libbey glassware from 1963

“You dress for the occasion — why not style your table accordingly?” says Julia Lee Cook, Libbey Home Stylist. “Libbey’s sparkling new fashions make it so sensible… Soon you have a complete Libbey Glass Wardrobe.”

Is new Aqua HobNob dressy or casual? It depends on your mood. It’s blown crystal glass — yet so easy to own. Informal — but so richly decorated. Nordic… radiant color banded by 22K gold … and crowned by Libbey’s chip-resistant Safedge rim.

Dress for dinner with Rose Bouquet stemware. Relax later with the tumblers. Reach for a 16-oz. Tinted Tankard. Indulge your sense of style as you quench your thirst. Durable serving tray — looks like brushed ebony, accented by 8 gay Raffia glasses.

Vintage Libbey glassware from 1963

Libbey drinking glasses with classic books (1965)

New for your Libbey Glass Wardrobe, from the Classics Collection by Libbey… the exciting adventures of your favorite characters in fiction. Illustrated!

Eight classic book designs available: Robin Hood, Moby Dick, Three Musketeers, Treasure Island, Alice in Wonderland, Gulliver’s Travels, Wizard of Oz and Tom Sawyer. Yours in either beverage or toddler size.

Also shown: New Currier & Ives glass, inspired by the famous prints, add sparkle to America’s most popular decor — Early American. From the Rainbow Collection “Rings”, Golden Wave, Aqua Tempo, Smoke Tempo.

Libbey drinking glasses with classic novels (1965)

Vintage Libbey glass catalog pages – 1965-1966

Libbey caddy sets are thriving on the popularity of patterns and the Fold-away feature introduced last year. Olive Tempo and colorful Madrid are new members of this smart array.

Vintage Libbey drinking glasses shown below: Golden Tempo, Aqua Tempo, Spiral Porto-Pak Plastic Caddy with 6 red and yellow Zombie glasses, Medallion, Madrid & Silver Foliage – Glassware patterns seen inside fold-away caddies

Vintage Libbey glass catalog pages - 1965-1966 (2)

Vintage Libbey glasses shown below: Smoke Tempo, Olive Tempo, Alexandra, Sutton

Vintage Libbey glass catalog pages - 1965-1966 (1)

Dimensional Libbey designs: Fabulous textured glasses (1960)

New from Libbey — exciting dimensional designs! The fascinating textures and colors are not just superimposed, they are a glowing translucent part of each Libbey “Safedge” glass.

Vintage patterns shown: Danube, Roses, Golden Frost, Icy Ribbons, Fern Glaze, Medallic [sic]

Dimensional Libbey designs Fabulous textured glasses (1960)

Sparkling new world-spanners in Libbey Glass (1960)

International set: A different famous city is symbolized on each goblet — and you can have the same handsome designs in beverage and old-fashioned glasses. Cities shown: London, Madrid, Bombay, Hague, Rome, Paris, Havana.

Americana: So proudly we hail these beautiful glasses glowing with symbols of our historic past — yet handsomely in keeping with the most modern surroundings. Richly accented with 22K gold. 4 of the glasses come in ebony black, 4 in snowy white…

Vintage sixties Libbey Glasses from 1960 (2)

Funward bound! Colorful Caribbean Cruise glasses by Libbey (1960)

Gayest glasses under the sun — exciting new Caribbean Cruise by Libbey! You’re bound to go overboard for the frolicsome little figures lit with brilliant color and glittering with 22K gold.

They’re real fun-lovers, these sparklers — every glass has Libbey’s famous chip-defiant rim. And every set comes with its own shining brass-finished caddy! A fabulous find at such low, low prices. All sets attractively boxed for gift mailing. 

Vintage sixties Libbey Glasses from 1960 (1)

Glass & Brass by Libbey – Vintage drinkware (1960)

SET OF OF “EMERALDS” WITH CADDY: A jewel of a buy — these brilliantly beautiful glasses! Each lovely piece sparkles with rich emerald green and precious 22K gold in a setting of pearly frosting. And each set comes with its own gleaming brass-finished caddy.

SUGAR AND CREAMER CADDY SET: Bound to lead a double life — this sparkling little creamer and sugar bowl with brass-finished tongs and caddy. Perfect for jams, sauces—a dozen things. So pretty, too, glittering with 22K gold leaves on a frosted band.

HOSTESS PITCHER: With its misty frosting and sparkling 22K gold leaves, there never was a prettier little pitcher! Nor one so practical — notice the detachable brass-finished handle. 

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CONTINENTAL CUPS: Service with a style for coffee, soups, fruits, desserts — these versatile cups have endless uses. And aren’t they beautiful? Gleaming with an old Grecian Key design, repeated in the detachable brass-finished holder.

TRIPLE SERVER SET: What could be handier — or handsome! — than these shimmering frosted bowls with their own graceful brass-finished caddy. Fill them with pickles and pretzels . . . chips and dips . . . relishes and radishes — you name it, they’ll hold it!

Glass and Brass by Libbey - Vintage drinkware (1960)

Emeralds Libbey glassware (1961)

Vintage Libbey Emerald glasses from 1961

Retro-style NEW Libbey glasses you can get now

Vintage cool & clear colored Libbey glasses

Retro Libbey glasses from 1961

Retro Libbey Patio Party glasses and dishes

Libbey glassware

Vintage Libbey glassware from 1963

Vintage Libbey glassware from 1963

Vintage Libbey drinkware – gift boxed 8-glass sets (1969)

Libbey glassesVintage Libbey drinkware - giftboxed 8-glass sets (1969)

Libbey brings out more in glass (1967)

Libbey brings out more in glass (1967)

If you lived during the '70s, you probably had a drink from one of these 34 vintage Libbey glasses

Vintage Libbey glasses: Vienna, Strata, Turquoise Concord, Element

Libbey Glassware from 1964 (2)

Libbey Glassware from 1964 (1)

Feel right with matched glassware from Libbey: Platinum Leaves pattern (1966)

Attain serenity. Blush only at the compliments you get — when you serve with matched sets of Libbey. Like Platinum Leaves… Only about $4 a boxed set of 8 — yet guaranteed to bring harmony and beauty to your table.

Vintage Libbey glasses from 1966

You might also like these new glasses!

How many women are you? Your Libbey Glass Wardrobe helps you keep count (1965)

Greeter (with smile) is you at break of day. Cheerful BERKSHIRE helps! juice set, about $4.00.

Slavey. Too often! But pause and refresh like royalty with GOLDEN RINGS. Set of 8, about $3.00.

Den Mother makes every pack meeting seem like a party with festive NORDIC. Set of 8…

Vintage Libbey glasses from 1965

Libbey glasses for a stylish table (1964)

“Your table is as fashionable as you are… with a Libbey Glass Wardrobe.”

vintage libbey glassware ad 1964

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The most entertaining gift you can give is Libbey (1963)

libbey glasses 1963

Try a versatile new hue – Bleu! (1967)

Try a versatile new hue - Bleu! (1967)

Holidays & Libbey glassware (1965)

“Make each holiday an occasion with a Libbey glass wardrobe.”

vintage Libbey drinking glass designs for holidays - 1965

See some iconic retro Colorama aluminum tumblers & vintage drinkware from the '50s & '60s

Tempo cocktail set – Silver Foliage – Classic Novels vintage glass sets (1965)

“You’re not one woman, you’re almost infinite. And you can express all your exciting variety in sparkling Libbey,” says Julia Lee Cook, Libbey Home Stylist.

“With Libbey styles, you dress your table as appropriately as you dress yourself… and you change it as often. A feminine instinct. And a pleasant one to indulge; Libbey styles only look expensive. So be practical. Use your Libbey Glass Wardrobe to keep track of yourselves,”

Vintage Libbey glasses from the 1960s with a feminine instinct

Vintage Libbey Herald glassware (1968)

The Giftables – You can bridge the gift gap beautifully with Libbey’s great selection of matching glassware. Captivating patterns, rich tones or crystal … you’ll find something for everyone (and don’t forget yourself).

This could be it — Heraldry, from our new Crown Collection … bold designs in regal colors and 22K gold embossing. Set of 8, about $7.50.

Also shown: Unicorn & Numero patterns – in this gift rapt gold box with plastic lid. Alpine & Golden Oak – two of many “news” in famous Libbey Hostess sets. And don’t forget our popular sets of matching tumblers and stemware (like Silver Foliage) for “add a gift at a time” occasions.

Vintage Libbey Herald glassware (1968)

Golden foliage glassware (1961)

A toast to Libby for bringing out such a spectacular array of Golden Foliage! This is one of the best-loved patterns in glass — and small wonder!

There’s such grace, such airiness in the sparkly 22K gold leaves floating on misty frosting. But don’t be fooled by that fragile look — it’s just pretty pretense! Actually these glasses are remarkably sturdy — each has Libbey’s chip-defiant rim. 

Vintage Libbey Golden foliage glasses from 1961

Golden foliage accessory sets

An exquisite experience in gracious entertaining is offered by Libbey’s development of this 22K gold leaf pattern accented by delicate frosting.

Libbey Glass green foliage glassware with gold - Hostess sets

Retro barware from the 60s: Basic glass shapes & sizes

Vintage Libbey barware from 1962

Vintage Lace pattern glasses from Libbey (1969)

This is Lace — crisp, icy texture on crystal with a 22K gold rim.

Vintage Lace pattern glasses from Libbey (1969)

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  1. I have a Libbey frosted glass with not one but two cursive L marks on the bottom. This does not look like a regular trademark although the both L symbols match Libbey’s perfectly, but it looks like an error. Do you have knowledge of any Double L marks from Libbey?

  2. I have a set of 8, MIB glasses that seem to be from the 1950s. They are called the Partytime Collection and were featured in Life Magazine. Can’t seem to find them anywhere online, but would like to sell them. Can you please offer any advice?

  3. cursive L on bottom of tall-ish glasses, colorful with different touristy landmarks and figures. one from Germany, Mexico, etc. Never seen these beauties b4.

  4. I am trying to find out what year the Libbey glasses with the White daisies framed in green embossed pattern were manufactured.

  5. I have a set of 8 glasses I believe to be made by Libbey. They have a gold rimmed, a gold band around the middle and the bottom 1/2 of the glass is frosted. There is a vine pattern around the top half of the glass. There is no marking anywhere on the glass. They belonged to my mother and am trying to date the set.

  6. Please can anyone help me find the name of a Libby pattern. It has it has an etched pattern around the center of the glass, 3 rows with line, a space, 5close lines, a space and another line. There spaced every other one in 3 rows. Marking on bottom of glass is cursive L in a circle. Can you help or direct me to someone who vacancy identify these glasses. I have 4. Thank you

  7. I have a set of eight glasses with artwork to match each name. Eye opener, mint julip, barcadi, Manhatten, champagne cocktail, night cap, pink lady and old fashion. Trying to date them and see if they are Libby?

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