Make it Mexican! (1982)

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Make it Mexican: How to say it

Arroz (ah-RROS): Rice

Burrito (boo-RREE-toh): Wheat-flour tortilla wrapped around a filling

Chile (CHEE-leh): Chili, hot pepper

Chimichanga (chee-mee-CHAN-ga): Deep-fried burrito

Enchilada (ehn-chee-LAH-thah): Tortilla dipped in chili sauce and filled with cheese or meat

Salsa (SAHL-sah): Sauce served with Mexican dishes

Sopaipillas (soh-pa-PEE-yas): Deep-fried pastry puffs

Tortilla (tohr-TEE-yah): Thin, unleavened pancake of ground, dried cornmeal

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