Chef Boy-Ar-Dee spaghetti & meat ball dinner (1961)

All the fixings for a homemade spaghetti and meat ball dinner

Only Chef Boy-Ar-Dee has all you need to make a meal the way you like it.

You get complete sauce with the Chefs touch in it. Made from the finest ingredients, according to an old Italian recipe, carefully blended and slowly simmered. You get eight meaty meat balls. Big. Plump. Beefy. And spaghetti, eight full ounces to cook to taste. Spaghetti to make tender or firm—as you like it. And top of everything with the nippy Italian cheese that’s aged just right. All for only pennies a serving.

Try Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Spaghetti Dinners with Meat or Mushroom Sauce.

1961 - Chef Boy-Ar-Dee

A complete spaghetti and meat ball dinner

Sauce all made
8 meat balls
Quick-cooking spaghetti
Lots of grated cheese

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