See some vintage Shasta sodas, from chocolate cola to lemon-lime to strawberry pop

Vintage Shasta sodas

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Shasta: Peak of flavor (1961)

“It hasta be Shasta!” –  Retro flavors from the ’60s include: Orange, cherry cola, old-fashioned root beer, sparkling lemonade, strawberry soda, creme soda, cola

Vintage Shasta sodas soft drinks from 1967

New! 6 big, bright, bold colas from Shasta (1966)

A quick-chilling can of Shasta flavored cola. New flavors include Pineapple cola, Cherry cola, Vanilla cola, Lemon cola, Chocolate cola and regular sparking!

It hasta be Shasta - Soft drinks from 1966

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Have a Shasta summer! (1974)

Shasta gives you more ways to have fun. With fourteen good and refreshing Regular flavors, fifteen sugar-free Diet Shasta flavors

So first, choose Shasta — then choose your favorite great-tasting flavor. And what could be more fun than that?

Strawberry soda – Grape soda – Chocolate – Lemon-lime – Black cherry – Draft root beer – Red apple – Creme soda

Shasta summer soda - 1974

Fructose-sweetened: Finally. (1970s)

An alternative to ordinary sugared soft drinks.

Shasta now replaces ordinary refined sugar with simple sweeteners like fructose, a kind found in fresh fruit.

Until now, the leading regular soft drinks didn’t give you a choice. Because they were sweetened the same way: with ordinary refined sugar. About nine teaspoons in every can.

Now Shasta introduces an alternative.

Starting now, Shasta has discontinued the use of ordinary refined sugar in its regular soft drinks. We’ve replaced it with simple sweeteners like fructose, a kind found in fresh fruit. And we think you are going to love Shasta’s full clean, refreshing taste.

So now you can choose: ordinary sugared soft drinks… or new Shasta with fructose. That’s the Shasta alternative. An alternative you can feel good about.

Shasta sodas - Drinks food 1970s 1980s

Shasta soda factory (1978)

1978 Shasta soda factory

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Vintage Shasta sodas: 1970s Frankenstein’s monster TV ad

Shasta with fructose beats Coke and 7up (1980)

The Nationwide results are in!

Shasta Cola beat Coke 52% to 48% with better flavor. Shasta Lemon-Lime beat 7up 55% to 45% with better flavor.

Shasta lets the flavor fly — fructose is the reason why!

Vintage Shasta soda - Cola and lemon lime from 1980

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I want a pop – I want a… Shasta (1980s)

Shasta soda TV commercial jingle lyrics

Don’t give me that so-so soda
the same ol’ cola
I want a rock ‘n’ rolla
I want a pop, pop, pop
I want a Shasta

I want a taste pizzazz
All the great taste Shasta has
I want a pop, pop, pop
I want a Shasta

I want a thrill, I want a wow
Taste it all. I want it now!
I want a pop, pop, pop
I want a Shasta

A super-80s electronica-inspired Diet Shasta TV commercial

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