Vintage Longines watches: Classic timepieces from the ’40s, ’50s & ’60s

Vintage Longines watches Classic timepieces

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When you look at these vintage Longines watches, think back to the era when wristwatches were as ubiquitous as our phones today — and almost as important.

The most honored watch in baseball (1941)

The leadership of Longines Watches in sports timing, aviation and navigation, is due to the ability of Longines engineers and watchmakers to produce watches that function accurately under difficult conditions.

But above all, the fine reputation of Longines Watches is due to the excellent timekeeping, long life and reliable service delivered by millions of Longines Watches, the world over, during the past 75 years.

Ten world’s fair grand prizes, 28 gold medals, and more honors for accuracy than any other timepiece substantiate the excel-lent reputation of Longines Watches.

Longines jewelers now show 75th Anniversary watches priced from $40; also Wittnauer Watches from $24.75, products of LONGINES-WITTNAUER WATCH CO., INC. New York – Montreal

BILL KLEM, National League Umpire, dean of all active motor league umpires, and honored by appointment as umpire for 15 world series uses st Longines Stop-second Watch for all timing during the games.

All umpires for both American and National Leagues also use Longines Watches, because time in baseball is important. Batters can be passed, fines assessed, and games lost through time infractions.

This is the third year Longines Watches have served major league baseball umpires. Bill Klem’s personal watch is a Longines Stop-second.

Longines watches (1941)

The most honored watch for the Woman in War

The Longines watch of the sportswoman of yesterday serves the Woman in War today. Though feminine in size and style, its leather strop blends with uniformed smartness.

It is an efficient timekeeper, too. For like all Longines watches, it has the Longines “Observatory Movement”, world-honored for dependability. Illustrations are larger than life-size.

The production of Longines watches for trade distribution is necessarily restricted, and all styles are not available at Longines jewelers. There are no restrictions on Longines’ qualities of greater accuracy and long life. Every Longines watch has the world-honored Longines “Observatory Movement.”

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Longines watches - Woman in war (1942)

Vintage Longines watches (1948)

Watches shown: Pearson & Ingrid

Longines watches (1948)

15 vintage ’50s Longines watch models (1951)

Watches shown: Delta, Frankin, Brenda, Berkshire, Corinne, Everett, Joyce, Pres Coolidge II, Venus, King, Queen, Parke Ave. M, Sonata C, Anniversary Automatic, #0804

Vintage Longines watches (1951)

Fashionable vintage fifties Longines watches (1952)

Models shown: Barlow, Eleanor, Barclay, Melba, Carlton, Corinne, Pres. Coolidge, Joyce, Pres. Jefferson, Starlight Lady, Pres. Adams, Starlight Lady #216, Automatic A (Sweep), Rhapsody C, Bradford M

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Vintage Longines watches (1952)

Longines – the world’s most honored watch (1956)

For 90 years, the world’s standard of excellence: The luxury that is Longines

Watches shown: Pres. McKinley, Louisa, Diamond Coronation, Chancellor

Longines - the world's most honored watch (1956)

Vintage Longines automatic watches (1955)

When you buy an automatic watch, buy only the best — for an automatic is even more complicated than the wind-up watch you now wear.

Longines Automatic self-winding watches are the most advanced in the world, combining the unique Longines 360° self-winding rotor and lifetime mainspring with the outstanding engineering and unrivaled hand-finishing for which all Longines Watches are world-renowned. When you own a Longines Automatic, you own the finest of its kind!

Shown: Longines Oslo Automatic. Waterproof, shock-resistant, unbreakable mainspring. Sweep second hand. Handsomely cased in 14K gold. $195. All watches illustrated have 18K gold applied dial markers.

Longines watches (1955)

Vintage Longines: The best the market affords (1957)

Watches shown: Pres. Garfield, Eldorado C, Starlight Radiance S-D 14, Marlboro Automatic All-Proof

Longines watches (1957)

Your watch: It rules your life (1958)

MOST INTIMATE of personal possessions, your watch portions out each precious hour, keeps you in time with your busy private world. Yet, less than 10 percent of us own, or plan to buy, a truly first-class watch.

The reason — most people do not know the difference between a poor watch, a fair watch, and a truly fine watch. The fact is that the ownership of a first-class watch, a Longines for instance, costs less — rather than more — than cheaper watches.

Most watches under $20 have what is called a “pin-lever” escapement. Better watches have “jeweled-lever” escapements. Since the escapement is the beating heart of your watch and functions more than 157,000,000 times a year, this difference in construction is obviously vital.

But even among jeweled-lever watches, there is a tremendous range in quality. Truly perfect performance comes only from perfect manufacture through and through.

In a Longines, for instance, many parts are fashioned to a microscopic 1/100,000ths of an inch. Equally important, in a Longines wear and friction are reduced to the vanishing point, assuring endless years of life.

With reasonable care, a Longines watch will last an adult lifetime. More important, it actually improves with use, running better than new after 10 or even 20 years!

Longines makes highest quality watches in the largest variety of styles and types of any watchmaker in the world. The illustrations are representative of the outstanding models in the new 1959 collection.

Longines notches are not sold in every jewelry store. To bay a Longines, you must go to an authorized Longines-Wittnauer Jeweler. The cost can be as little as $71.50. With the few dollars that you would pay for a pin-lever watch, you can make the down payment on a Longines on an easy payment plan. Your old watch will be accepted in trade at fair value.

Longines Nobel Automatic — 14K gold: $195
Longines Eldorado C — 14K gold: $125
President Cleveland — 14K gold: $150
Longines Starlight Sonata — 16 fine diamonds, 14K gold: $275
Jupiter — 14K gold: $160

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Vintage 1958 Longines watches

A Christmas gift watch: A living memento of you

No other gift shares one’s whole life so intimately as a fine watch. No mechanical marvel of this age serves so faithfully, for so long, at so small a cost.

No other personal possession engenders so much affection, such pride of ownership. A truly fine watch, a Longines, becomes a living memento of you.

But you may ask, “Isn’t this true of any watch?” We do not think so. All watches tell time after a fashion, for a few months, or a few years. Longines watches run with incredible steadiness, reliability, accuracy—indefinitely. How wonderful to know where one stands with time all the time.

The superiority of Longines watches is not just a claim. Longines watches have won more honors for excellence, elegance and accuracy than any other timepiece in the whole world — are rated by experts as the world’s finest.

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This Christmas, give the finest watch you can afford. And you can afford a Longines, a lifetime gift of the finest time-keeping service; a lifetime gift of beauty, too, for Longines watches are styled with ageless good taste. The price can be as little as$71.50, and there is a Longines type for every need and service, a style for every personality.

Your Longines-Wittnauer Jeweler makes it easy to give the Longines watch of your choosing. Budget payments can always be arranged and he will allow full value for a watch taken in trade.

The world’s most honored Christmas gift is Longines, the world’s most honored watch. For an informative booklet, write Longines-Wittnauer Watch Company, Longines-Wittnauer Building, Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y. Except for certain individually hand-made watches, such as Vacheron & Constantin, which sell at approximately three times Longines’ prices.

Illustrated below from the 1959 collection of Longines watches for her, left to right: “Eldorado C” — luxurious 14K gold semi-bracelet watch, $125; “Starlight Radiance” — exquisite 14K gold watch set with 8 fine diamonds, S225; “Diamond Coronation L” — the ultimate in elegant simplicity is this 18K gold watch circled with 34 diamonds, $395; “Starlight Rhapsody” — a lovely creation in 14K gold set with 10 choice quality diamonds, $195; “St. Moritz” —  the case and beautifully-detailed mesh bracelet are 14K gold, $325. Other Longines watches for ladies and gentlemen are priced from $71.50.

Vintage Longines watches (1958)

Vintage Longines watches for men and women (1965)

Incredible Performance Providing Accuracy Within an Average of Two Seconds per Twenty-four Hour Day!

Vintage Longines-Wittnauer watches (1965)

Longines Ultra-Chron (1968)

Incredible Performance Providing Accuracy Within an Average of Two Seconds per Twenty-four Hour Day!

Not merely another great Longines, but the greatest in an eventful century of most honored Longines. The most significant departure from conventional watches since the key-wind models of four generations ago.

Incredible accuracy that does not vary more than an average of two seconds within a twenty-four hour day! Incredible dependability, uncanny precision and exciting, contemporary styling. The kind of innovation you’ve come to expect from Longines, The World’s Most Honored Watch!

  • Automatically self-winding without need of a battery!
  • Features an automatically changing calendar date!
  • Constant sweep-second hand for precision timing.
  • Longines exclusive All-Proof protection against water, dust, shock and magnetism, provides utter security!
  • From $115 to $625. exclusively at Franchised Longines-Wittnauer Jewelers coast-to-coast, right now!


  • More Honors for Excellence, Elegance and Accuracy than any other watch.
  • The Only Watch in History to Win 10 World’s Fair Grand Prizes, 28 Gold Medals.
  • Watch of the Pioneer Aviators and Explorers.
  • Winner of Thousands of Highest Awards for Accuracy from the World’s Great Government Observatories
  • Official Watch for Leading Sports and Contest Associations in the U.S. and around the World.
  • For 20 years, Official Watch of the U.S. Olympic Team.
  • Accuracy Guaranteed to a Minute a Month!

Longines ultra-chron watches (1968)

Vintage Longines-Wittnauer watches with opals and diamonds (1976)

Original works of art in rare opals and diamonds. Each one different. Longines, of course. Fifteen hundred dollars.

This masterpiece of the watchmaker’s art is called Cantata. Only a very few are offered. No two are alike. The dial of each is an original work of art — a one of a kind mosaic of natural opal painstakingly hand-set by the artist.

Thirty-seven diamonds frame the graceful case. The bracelet? Solid 14K gold.

Vintage Longines watches with opals and diamonds (1976)

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