Why women joined the WAC (Women’s Army Corps) during WWII

WWII Are you a girl with star-spangled heart Join the WAC

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In the Army, Wacs serve with the…

Air Forces – Ground Forces – Service Forces

Get expert training for one of 239 types of Army jobs – join the WAC now! Women’s Army Corps – Apply at nearest US Army Recruiting Station.

Vintage Army WAC

WAC recruitment drive in Asheville NC (April 1944)

Now You Can Serve Your Country Right At Home! Join The WAC AND BE ASSIGNED TO MOORE GENERAL HOSPITAL

Women of Asheville and Western North Carolina here’s a golden opportunity for you to aid in winning the one and at the same time STAY AT HOME.

Something unheard of before now but effective immediately, you may join the WAC (Women’s Army Corps) and be assigned to Moore General Hospital for your first assignment. The duties are pleasant and interesting and the surroundings are delightful. Don’t let this opportunity pass — investigate TODAY!

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WAC - Asheville NC - April 1944

WAC recruitment: Are you a girl with star-spangled heart?

Are you a girl with star-spangled heart? Join the WAC now! Thousands of Army jobs need filling!

Women’s Army Corps, United States Army – Art by Bradshaw Crandell

Are you a girl with star-spangled heart Join the WAC now

WAC: A challenge to American women (May 1945)

A challenge to American women

More than 36,000 wounded soldiers a month now come from overseas. Male hospital corpsmen are leaving for the battle fronts to provide lifesaving care on and near the line. Women must fill the ranks at home.

Wacs without experience are specially trained to do important clerical and technical hospital work. The vital need is a challenge to womanhood and patriotism. Men who have bled for America require the care you can help to give.

The nation will honor you as a Wac. Valuable training, with a soldier’s pay, leads to higher rank, greater earnings, a peacetime career. Benefits of the G. I. Bill of Rights will be yours. You will work closely with high caliber men.

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Serve your country and fulfill your destiny as a Wac, either in the Medical Corps or another branch of the Army for which you may he especially qualified. Apply today at the nearest Assay Recruiting 

This message is a friendly contribution by Greyhound to the vital cause of Wac enlistments. Today, a nation at war depends on Greyhound for transportation to help win battles. Tomorrow, a nation at peace will depend on Greyhound for finer pleasure travel along the scenic highways of America. GREYHOUND. SERVING THE ARMED FORCES AND ALL AMERICA WITH FREQUENT, DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION

Greyhound Buses for WAC women - May 1945

Join the WAC: Woman with typewriter

Join the WAC - Woman with typewriter

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1st Lt. Violet Hill

Second Officer (1st Lt.) Violet Hill poses after completing the first officer candidate school class for the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps at Fort Des Moines, Iowa, in August 1942. (Photo courtesy of Violet Hill Askins Gordon, via the Veterans History Project, Library of Congress)

Army Pioneer Violet Hill - WAC

US Army hospitals need 22,000 WACs (March 1945)

Are there 22,000 hearts big enough?

US Army hospitals need 22000 WACs - March 1945

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WAC (Women’s Army Corps) mail room

WAC (Women's Army Corps) mail room

Great Falls Montana call for WAC (Nov 1943)

Montana Women: A Vital Army Job Needs You! Join Now During the Montana State Drive!

Women’s Army Corps Montana is sending out a call to her own Montana women! All recruits will be formed into a Montana Company and will train “together” at a Wac training center!

The women’s army corps is a part of the army with the rights to army ratings, grades, privileges, responsibilities and benefits. As a Wac, your army needs you vitally to replace soldiers now in noncombatant jobs. The Wacs give you an opportunity to serve your country directly!

Enlist now! Apply at U. S. Army Recruiting Station Post Office Building, Great Falls.

Great Falls Montana call for WAC - Nov 1943

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Vintage WAAC poster WWII: This is my war, too

Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps

Vintage WAC poster WWII - This is my war too

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