How to create super-colorful powder rooms (1972)

Great powder room ideas begin with Kohler

The “All-American” look

Colors to cheer about. Oval Farmington lavatory in Antique Red; Flair fittings with white acrylic handles; Cayuga toilet in New Orleans Blue.

kohler-bathroom-powder-room-fixtures-1972 (4)


Bring in fresh green

The outdoors comes indoors with Kohler’s Fresh Green in a Pennington lavatory and low Pompton toilet. Fittings are gold electroplate Alterna.

kohler-bathroom-powder-room-fixtures-1972 (3)


The elegance of black

Introducing Black Black. Totally elegant. Shown are Kohler’s Pennington lavatory and Rochelle toilet. Fittings are brushed chromium Alterna.

kohler-bathroom-powder-room-fixtures-1972 (1)


A splash of sun

Kohler’s Aqua Vent air-freshening toilet is in Harvest Gold. Tahoe lavatory in Tiger Lily. Fittings are gold electroplated Flair with amber handles.

kohler-bathroom-powder-room-fixtures-1972 (2)

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