Introducing Yardley Liquid Soaps (1981)

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Any soap will clean your skin.

Yardley Liquid Soap will clean it, soften it, moisturize it, smooth it and make it smell nice. And costs less, too.


Introduce your skin to Yardley Liquid Soaps, the soft, luxurious liquid soaps that do much more than just clean. Without the mess and waste of ordinary bars.

Yardley Liquid Soaps save you money, too. One large bottle equals 10 bars of soap. No other soap gives you more for your money.

English Lavender combines one of the world’s best-loved scents in a neutral PH formula that contains special emollients to help leave your skin silky smooth. And leave you wonderfully refreshed.

Cocoa Butter provides extra softening benefits for dry, chapped skin. And helps protect the natural moisture level of your skin.

Also liquid baby soap and Aloe Vera, from Yardley of London

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