Easy jiffy-make ponchos (1955)

Vintage clothing - sewing - Easy jiffy-make ponchos (1955)

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Jiffy-make ponchos: Vintage-style clothes to sew

From Woman’s Day magazine – July 1955

Start with new fabric or cut up an old skirt for this summer’s most popular topping

Our carefree tie-on poncho is cut in just four identical pieces and put together with simple straight sewing. Best of all, it has a dozen uses, can be made in any number of different fabrics, and cut to any length you like.

For sun wear with skirts, shorts, pants, or bathing suits, make the poncho in cotton or linen and add pockets sized to suit your needs. In silk and soft sheers, cut it longer, edge the top with lace, and you have a nightgown.

The ponchos shown below

LEFT: This gay beach top was easily cut from a printed gored skirt that had seen better days. Skirt center seams, which were approximately same as center seams on diagram, were used here.

RIGHT: For this workaday poncho with giant pockets, we used an old cotton dirndl skirt. Straight-of-goods side seams of skirt became poncho side seams. Plaid denim pockets were cut, then topstitched.

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Easy jiffy-make ponchos (1955) - Colorized photo

Instructions and diagram for these ponchos

The diagram is for size 14. Add or subtract 1/2″ along center front and back seams on diagram — a total of 2″ — for each size change. Seam allowance of 5/8″ is included, except for armholes where 1″ self facing is allowed.

Cut facings for front and back neck edges, or bind with bias tape or decorative edging. Armholes can be bound, too — just cut off facing allowance.

Broken lines indicate V neckline. You can make the front V, the back straight, and wear the poncho either way. For shoulder ties of self fabric, cut 4 strips 1-1/2″ by 14″; stitch and turn.

Jiffy-make ponchos - Diagram - vintage sewing project (1955)

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