The most beautiful vintage wedding dresses from the early 1900s

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Classic Vintage wedding dresses from the early 1900s
Planning a wedding with a classic old-fashioned feel? Get ideas for your bridal gown here! Check out this collection of beautiful vintage wedding dresses from the first decade of the 1900s, as seen in various magazines and American newspapers around the turn of the century.

Beautiful wedding gowns with lace and ruffles

Vintage wedding dresses: What the new brides will be wearing

All the world is filled with beauty for the happy June bride. The brightest sunshine, the fairest flowers are for her.

Every season brings lovely things for the bride, but there are fairy-like creations especially appropriate for the one who goes into her new life in the balmy summer time.

The wedding gown is always of prime importance. Materials for this are rich and elegant in the traditional and always fashionable satins — the messaline being a favorite. Ivory tint is much in demand, but pure white and pearl are used. On aesthetic lines should this superb gown be made, and its garniture should be some very rich lace. Not a great quantity should be used, but the rare quality that lends elegance and distinction.

For those who prefer a wedding gown of lighter material, there are finest chiffons, mousselines and nets that, made over silk, are exquisite. Although fashion ordains much trimming on all costumes, the wedding gown is an exception. It admits of only the finest lace and hand embroidery.

The bridal veil, that ever-romantic feature of the bride’s array, should be worn by the June bride. It may be entirely of real lace, or it may be bordered with lace, which should match the lace on the gown. The veil of silk tulle is ever lovely, and it suits the most magnificent toilet [outfit].

Orange blossoms are the flowers that should hold the veil in place. The June bride should be crowned with these pure white flowers — emblematic of woman’s worth.

Especially appropriate for the bride are those exquisite eight-button gloves recently imported from Paris. They are in the latest tints, and should match the gown. They should fit perfectly, but not too closely, as in most marriage services, the gloves must be removed and drawn on again.

Exquisite are the silk hose for the bridal toilet. They are hand-embroidered. With these should be worn the daintiest of slippers of kid, suede, satin or lace. If of lace, they should match other lace worn. One strap is a la mode, and if a bow be desired, it should be small and formed of satin, lace and orange buds.

Bridal corsets of superb silk weaves are band-embroidered and finished with berthas of lace and ribbon. Besides the corsets, the expert fitting them can look at the figure and make many useful suggestions of things that will make it even more perfect. A countless array of these new and lovely appurtenances is shown in the corset department.

Lace is the predominant trimming. All must be fluffy with lace. Lace berthas that can be worn with several gowns are gems of loveliness. Everything must be rich with lace, or lacy to a degree.

Bridal lingerie was never more elegant. The June bride has an extensive collection from which to choose.

One magnificent set of the French nainsook [lightweight cotton muslin] is elaborate with rich lace, which is still further enriched by being hand-embroidered in superb floral design. The embroidery on lace is something of a departure, but it is quite effective.

Vintage wedding dress from 1906

Vintage wedding dresses from the early 1900s

The blushing bride of 1905

1905 wedding dress

The American girl as a bride – vintage wedding dresses from 1905

Vintage brides - weddings from c1905 (3)

Vintage brides - weddings from c1905 (1)

Vintage brides - weddings from c1905 (2)


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Vintage wedding dress from 1902

Bride from 1902

Vintage wedding book - Something Old
Classic vintage wedding gown (1908)

wedding bride 1908

Vintage wedding dresses for the spring bride (1904)

Wedding gowns are no longer stately and stuff, as stains have given place to soft, filmy materials. Mousseline de Soie with leaves of white lace and orange blossoms of pearls now form the smartest bridal attire. Wedding veils will hereafter be looped with orange blossoms, and white and green are the spring colors.

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The Washington times., April 17, 1904, Magazine Features, Image 33b

The bride and her bridesmaid (1901)

Wedding dress from 1900

Vintage wedding dresses from 1905

Wedding dress from 1905

Three beautiful vintage wedding dresses (1904)

Three different bridal gowns from 1904Wedding dresses from 1904

The beautiful bride and her attendant (1902)

1902 The Delineator bride wedding

The June Bride (1906)

By Mrs Osborn, Creator of fashions for the fashionable woman of America

The June bride of 1906

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