1960s sewing machines made zigzags, embroidery, fancy stitches & more

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As the decade of free love, psychedelic prints, and space-age dreams was unfolding,  humble 1960s sewing machines were undergoing their own transformation.

With technological advancements and a growing appetite for creativity, manufacturers of the time conjured up sewing machines that could not only churn out a straight stitch but also dance their way through an array of intricate patterns. In fact, these marvelous machines single-handedly (or should we say single-needle-ly?) revolutionized the world of home sewing.

Have a look through the promotional materials designed for these innovative and, dare we say, groovy world of 1960s sewing machines. And who knows? By the end, you might just find yourself itching to belatedly join the sewing revolution, one zigzag stitch at a time.

1960s Singer sewing machine

Vintage 1960 sewing machine: Singer Slant-O-Matic 500 

This is the new Slant-O-Matic 500 machine by Singer

NEW… concealed spool pins pop up when you’re ready to sew! Additional spool pin is tucked away, ready to snap into place if you prefer to sew with the top closed.

NEW… easy-to-read chart! Flips up to let you choose decorative stitches at a glance. Makes hundreds of variations “picture book” simple.

NEW… automatic bobbin winder. Up top where it’s handy… concealed for streamlined beauty.

NEW… exclusive automatic thread Control! Quiets the thread. Insures a smoother flow from spool to needle for a new evenness of stitching.

NEW… numbered pressure dial! Lets you adjust pressure so it’s perfect for every fabric.

NEW… the easiness of it! New-design “tune in” dials let you switch instantly from decorative to straight stitch-ing to breeze-easy mending and darning.

EXCLUSIVE: drop-in front bobbin, Micro-stitch length control, elevator throat plate. Slant-Needle and gear-motor drive.

FANTASTIC … the way this sleek new “genius” pops up with more talents than any sewing machine has ever contained. See them all “in person” soon.

1961 Singer Slant-O-Matic sewing machine

Vintage 1960s sewing machines: Pfaff sewing machine (1961)

What happens to old Pfaffs? Old Pfaffs don’t wear out. More than 7 million Pfaffs keep on running year after year after year… providing smooth, dependable performance for their happy owners. That’s why you scarcely ever see eased Pfaff at your dealer.

Pfaff makes sewing so simple . . . and professional. With the automatic Dial-A-Stitch, you just dial a Pfaff to produce buttonholes, blind hems, and monograms. You create hundreds of breathtaking designs, do all of your mending and darning at the mere flick of a finger. There are no cams to put in or take out … everything is built-in. Even the needle threads automatically.

Vintage Pfaff sewing machine (1961)

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1960s sewing machines: What Singer sewing machines were available in 1961?

1. New SLANT-O-MATIC 500 Machine…newest version of the zigzag machine that outsews them all for straight and fancy stitching. Lets you create hundreds of fancy decorative stitches. Just flip up the eye-level stitch chart — dial your choice — and sew it automatically $299.50

2. New SLANT-O-MATIC SPECIAL Machine…has many SLANT-O-MATIC features at a lower price. Slant-Needle, drop-in front bobbin, automatic thread control for smoother stitching. Comes with FASHION Discs for decorative stitches, all kinds of practical zigzag sewing. $239.50

3. New STYLE-O-MATIC Machine…brings zigzag features to a small price tag. Fancy stitching, hemming, but-ton-sewing, overcasting. Sturdy aluminum body—so it’s 20 pounds lighter than most other machines $149.50

1961 Singer sewing machines

4. SLANT-NEEDLE DELUXE Machine… the ultimate in straight-stitching machines. Simplified threading. Gear-motor drive. Slant-Needle lets you see better to sew. Zig-zag attachment available for fancy stitching $149.50

5. New FEATHERWEIGHT Portable… new streamlined edition of the world’s most popular electric portable. Weighs only 11 pounds, yet does the job of a full-size SINGER* machine. Has a full set of attachments .. $132.50.

Vintage sixties sewing machines from 1961 (2)

6. New STYLE-MATE Machine…brand new straight-stitcher. Full range forward and reverse, drop-in bobbin. Zigzag attachment available. Does heavy-duty sewing, yet handles delicate dimity with gentle precision $109.50
7. “YOUNG BUDGET” Machine … designed especially for young homemakers. Does beautiful straight stitching … even over pins. Backstitches. Has simplified threading, top round bobbin. (And husbands like its tiny tariff!) $79.50

8. SPARTAN Machine… rugged, dependable. Perfect straight stitching. Sews over pins, backtacks. Has drop-in bobbin, calibrated stitch-length control $49.50

Vintage sixties sewing machines from 1961 (1)

Machines priced as illustrated. Cabinets from $47.50; portable cases from $19.90. And, so you can see them at your convenience, SINGER SEWING CENTERS are open evenings ’til Christmas — Monday nights especially for men.

Vintage Sew Magic & Sew Perfect toy sewing machines for kids were 'sew' cool in the '70s

Vintage Kenmore “92” Zig-Zag sewing machine (1966)

Other machines have some of these features, but no other machine in America has all the features of the Kenmore “92” Zig-Zag

Stitches decorations over 1/4-inch wide
Sews in one and two colors
30 basic cams… vary stitches in many ways
New safety feature… turn off light and you turn off motor current
Six snap-on feet let you do extra fine satin, straight and zig-zag stitching
Instant setting to start pattern at beginning .. saves you time measuring
Sliding needle plate… move lever left for straight .. right for zig-zag stitching

Sears sewing machines - 1966 catalog (1)

Make your sewing as feminine or as elegant as you desire. Do it with these beautifully wide decorations. See how it takes on high drama with the two-color designs. Attachments are included to let you sew extra finishing touches.

Six snap-on feet make your stitching the very finest… three in dear plastic, 3 in chrome-plated metal. Just drop in a disc and you’re ready to sew lovely designs. Turn of a knob doubles length of pattern without separating stitches. Set dial to right, left or center to vary the patterns. Select reverse cams to embroider lacy-like designs.

Buttonholer stitches keyhole, eyelet and straight styles… automatically. Eliminates lever adjusting, turning fabrics .. taking precise measurements. Sews on buttons, overcasts.

Sears sewing machines - 1966 catalog (2)

Forward-reverse control. Dial-type length and width controls. Drop feed, darning release. Mending cam reinforces as it mends .. also, makes an attractive decoration. Bobbin winder with automatic shut-off. Tension regulator. Thread cutter. Round bobbin.

Includes: bobbins, needles, needle threader, buttonhole opener, screwdrivers, spool pins, instructions. Light green and white with chrome-plated trim. From Japan. 30-year head guarantee. 

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Vintage 1960s sewing machines: Singers for Christmas

The most talented zig-zag machine you can buy. Just tune the knob and so straight stitching, fancy embroidery, mending, button-sewing. Portable or cabinet styles. The machine and its sister, the Slant-o-Matic special, are the only zigzag machines for home sewing made in America by American craftsmen.

1960 Singer sewing machines for Christmas

Touch & Sew machine that does all 3 kinds of sewing! (1965)

Introducing the newest Touch & Sew machine by Singer! So new it sews straight… zig-zag… now chain stitch too!

Vintage Singer sewing machine (1965)

Vintage Singer 1960s sewing machine (1966)

Retro 60s Singer sewing machine (1966)

A vintage Sears Kenmore sewing machine from 1969

…  for women who want the best, even if it does cost less

Mrs Robert Stack is one of America’s best-dressed women. Why did she want a sewing machine from Sears?

Beautiful actress Rosemarie Bowe has put her career second to being the mother of Elizabeth and Charles and the wife of Emmy-award-winning Robert Stack (star of TV’s “Name of the Game”).

She finds time, however, to work actively for SHARE, an organization devoted to exceptional children. And for relaxation, she plays tennis, paints, and sews.

“I relax and unwind sewing,” says Rosemarie. “That’s why I wanted a Sears Kenmore sewing machine, because it’s so easy to handle. Everything you could want seems to be built in.”

Sears Kenmore sewing machine (1969)

Vintage Kenmore 1960s sewing machine with Wendy Vanderbilt (1969)

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Vintage 1960s Kenmore Sewing machine with Wendy Vanderbilt (1969)

1960s sewing machines: Sears Kenmore with Patricia Zipprodt (1969)

1960s Sewing machine - Sears Kenmore with Patricia Zipprodt (1969)

1950s Singer sewing machines were a triumph of vintage engineering

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