Make your own party aprons & serving holders (1950)

Party aprons and serving holders

Ever since Madame Schiaparelli wore lovely aprons as part of her hostess gowns, we’ve been on the alert for something special to suggest for party serving.

Now, Katherine Sturges Knight, painter and designer, has come up with these fine bits of needlework inspired by some of the fabulous new cotton fabrics. Because she makes use of the crossbars and vertical stripes of the materials as her guide, she needs no drawn design. You may like to follow hers — or perhaps originate your own.

1950-Party aprons and serving holders

Metallic-plaid Gingham: 1, 2, 4, 7. Charming serving holders for the dining room, made with a variety of trims, some bought, some crocheted, with interesting embroidery and tassels. 3. Delicate apron, trimmed with flesh-colored cotton lace and stripes of embroidery.

Gold-striped Gingham: 5. Striking apron with black cotton-lace border – center has narrow lace alternating with embroidery in interesting rows.

Silver-printed Linen: 6. Holder trimmed with bias tape, tiny crocheted edge, and tassel.

Velvet-striped Cotton: 8. This costume apron makes use of the fabric in two directions, the horizontal velvet stripes in lower panel setting off embroidered bands in rich colors.


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