Before the jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt launched a home decorating magazine (1975)

Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home

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Shortly before her clothing line started showing up in stores all across the nation — and back when her son, Anderson Cooper, was a boy of eight — the multi-talented heiress Gloria Vanderbilt decided to branch out into print.

In 1975, McCalls debuted her magazine, called Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home. Inside were ideas for all kinds of crafty and creative projects — such as needlepoint pillows, a bejeweled mirror, a dollhouse and details on how to crochet an Afghan blanket.

While McCalls and Vanderbilt were both big names, as far as we can tell, only two issues of the mag were ever published, Holiday 1975 and Spring 1976. In May of ’76, Gloria’s clothing line launched — so while she no longer was a big name on newsstands, her name instead started to appear on the back pockets of millions of pairs of designer jeans.

Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home

Gloria Vanderbilt launches a how-to magazine with McCalls

The McCall Pattern Company announced the publication of a new magazine, “Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home” — an innovative do-it-yourself guide for the creative homemaker.

This is the first time a magazine has taken its editorial concept from a single personality. Miss Vanderbilt is recognized as one of today’s most creative designers and an artist of unusual scope and dimensions.


The dynamic quality of the magazine’s unique format is based on the translation of Miss Vanderbilt’s brilliant artwork and original designs into an exciting and colorful melange of needlepoint, craft and sewing projects for the home. Some of the decorative arts in the magazine will include painting, patchwork, crochet, collage, decoupage, needlepoint. embroidery, quilting, knitting, stained glass, stenciling, paper crafts, rug making and sewing.

Any woman who satisfied her creative instinct and enjoys enhancing her surroundings through her own handiwork will appreciate the opportunity to duplicate the designs of an artist of Gloria Vanderbilt’s caliber.”

The magazine will give explicit directions (charts, diagrams, tips, etc.) for all the do-it-yourself projects featured. The ambitious homemaker will be encouraged to tap her own creativity and adapt the design: to her own personal needs.

Gloria Vanderbilt is a dynamic force in the home decorating field. Her designs for sheets, towels, decorative fabrics, table linen, china and glassware all reflect her personal and distinctive style.

The bright, new look of needlepoint (1958)

Featured in the first issue of Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home is a comprehensive article on collage, an art form to which she brought new meaning and importance. Some of her most famous collages are shown, listing the exact materials used. Her expert advice and philosophy on collage are given.

The art of decoupage, thoroughly explained and illustrated, is also featured in the first issue. Pages of cut-outs are included as an incentive to the beginner or as a bonus for the experienced aficionado.

A charming Gloria Vanderbilt collage-inspired design for a needlepoint pillow, and her famous “Tulip Garden” print has been translated into a design for a needlepoint triptych.

Distinctive and original decorating ideas for the bedroom, dining and living areas and the bath are included in the first issue. Specific and clear-cut directions are given for the delightful decorative items she has created to enrich every woman’s home.

Gloria Vanderbilt hopes, in her new role as creative director of “Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home.” to reach an even larger audience and to serve as an inspiration to women everywhere . . . to influence and encourage them to enlarge their creative horizons and to find fulfillment in personal artistic achievements.

The Fall 1975 issue of Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home, to be published quarterly, is now on the newsstands priced at $1.25.

Spring along with Gloria and…

Create something beautiful with seashells…

Paint a needlepoint picture…

Applique an exquisite tablecloth…

Crochet a splendid Afghan…

Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home magazine - Spring 1976 (4)


Grow garden-fresh vegetables…

Glamorize a work-a-day-basket…

Decorate a small gift of love with delightful cutouts…

And do many other creative things with warm good wishes from Gloria

Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home magazine - Spring 1976 (3)

Gloria Vanderbilt with her sons – Carter (on the left) and Anderson Cooper (1972)

Gloria Vanderbilt with sons Carter and Anderson Cooper - 1972

Gloria Vanderbilt: Designs for your home (Spring 1976)

A McCalls’s Do-it-yourself guide

Gloria Vanderbilt Designs for Your Home magazine - Spring 1976 (1)

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