Retro dinner recipe: Lamb chops with peas confetti (1965)

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Peas confetti recipe with lamb chops

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Del Monte early garden peas do you proud any time.

Serve seasoned and piped mashed potatoes and green peas confetti alongside lamb chops or pork chops for a delicious dinner!

Tender as butter, sweet as springtime, just the right sizes. This is your value in peas. Do it with Del Monte and you do your very best.

Peas confetti recipe with lamb chops - 1965

Peas confetti recipe

For 2 generous servings of heated Del Monte peas, as shown, or 3-4 average ones, make Confetti Butter:

Confetti butter recipe

3 Tbsp butter
1 tsp grated orange rind
1 tsp chopped fresh mint (or 1/2 tsp dried)

Cream butter with rind and mint; chill. Shape into small rolls (with chilled butter paddles if you have them), or form into cube and slice into pats. Keep chilled; add to hot drained peas at serving time. Nice with lamb, pork or veal.

Planked lamb chops for two

Beat 2 Tbsp soft butter and 1 egg yolk into 1-1/2 cups hot seasoned mashed potatoes. With pastry bag (using large star tube) pipe around edge of steak plank or oven-proof platter (or drop by teaspoonfuls around edge). Brown lightly in hot oven (425 degrees F) 10-15 min. Serve at once with broiled chops and peas confetti. Garnish with watercress and Del Monte carrot slices.

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Peas confetti recipe with lamb chops

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