Multi-Stripe Delight Jell-O with frosted grapes (1960s)

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Multi-Stripe Delight Jell-O with frosted grapes (1960s)

Multi-Stripe Delight Jell-O dessert recipe

Layers of Jell-O Gelatin form a color spectrum that delights the eye as well as the palate.

Prepare several fruit flavors of Jell-O Gelatin as directed on packages, using as many packages and flavors as will fill your finest crystal bowl or stemmed glasses — a big brandy snifter was used for the photo. (If the capacity of the bowl is unknown, fill it with water; then measure the water and use a 3-oz. package Jell-O Gelatin for each 2 cups required to fill the bowl.) Layer the flavors in the bowl.

Multi-Stripe Delight Jell-O with frosted grapes (1960s)

Directions for layering Jell-O Gelatin

To mold Jell-O Gelatin, pour it into molds or serving dishes — a 3-oz. package without fruits or vegetables makes 2 cups, a 6-oz. package makes 4 cups. Chill until firm — see chart. (Any metal pan, bowl, cup, or can may be used as a mold.)

To layer gelatin mixtures, chill each layer until set, but not firm, before adding the next layer — if the first layer is too firm, the layers may slip apart when unmolded. Many layers may be built up in this way.

Except for the first layer, the gelatin mixtures should be cool and slightly thickened before being poured into mold — if mixture is warm, it may soften the layer beneath and mixtures may run or mix together.

If desired, stemmed glasses may be tilted in refrigerator by catching base between bars of each and leaning top against wall. Chill until firm. Garnish with Frosted Grapes, if desired. Plan on 4 servings from each 3-oz. package of Jell-O Gelatin used in the bowl.

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How to make frosted grapes

A lovely garnish for salads, meat platters, and desserts — or serve them as delicious desserts.


2 pounds seedless grapes
1 egg white, slightly beaten
1 package (3 oz.) Jell-O Gelatin (any fruit flavor)

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Dip small clusters of grapes, one at a time, into beaten egg white and allow excess to drain off. Then sprinkle with Jell-O Gelatin. Chill until dry, about 3 hours. Use as a garnish or dessert. NOTE: If desired, frosted grapes may be stored in refrigerator overnight.

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