Vintage pictures with Santa from decades ago don’t really look all that different compared to now

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Santa in the 1970s

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Walter and Santa Claus in NYC (1958)

With Santa at Macy’s at Herald Square, New York City

1958-With Santa at Macys at Herald Square NYC

Photo thanks to Walter

Santa in 1979 or so


Photo courtesy Jelene Morris

Santa, 1940s-style

Your editor’s dad is the one on the right


Santa, 1970s-style

Your very thrilled editor here — who is also the daughter of the boy in the photo above — in 1973.

Santa in the 1970s

Screaming with Santa in seventy-two

The story of this photo from Michael Daddino:

Mom: That’s adorable. Every year there was a baby crying in the Santa picture. Tommy was old enough to enjoy it. Bobby seems a bit serious — I guess he was thinking about all the bad things he did. And you HATED HIM. Look at how upset you were! It used to be a big thing for me — I had to wait for Tommy to come from school, and Bobby to come home from nursery school, and you to wake up from your afternoon nap, then dress you all up, then put you all the car, and then drive to Roosevelt Field Mall, wait on a line, then get the picture taken.

Me: Only to…

Mom: To have it for posterity, like right now, when I can finally laugh at it.

The 1972 Santa photo


John & Santa – looking very awesomely ’80s


Photo thanks to Heather Hopkins

Denise and Diane sit on Santa’s lap

Denise and Diane sit on Santa's lap

Picture thanks to Melissa Doroquez

Awkward Santa photo

Says photo contributor Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones: “”Awkward Family Photo – Me on Random Santa’s lap at age 15. It was 1979 we had a family store called Western Auto in the Amish country of Southern Maryland. We decided to have a Santa photo opportunity booth set up next to the Freezers — I got to help wrangle kids & take Poloroids but of course I had to have my pic taken first.”

Awkward Family Photo-santa-1979-1980

Sisterly Santa fans (1964)

Sisters Nina and Shelly Hartman on Santa’s lap, 1964 — Bloomington, Ilinois

Heat Miser & Snow Miser: The Year Without a Santa Claus - See the song and get the lyrics! (1974)

Christmas 1964 with Santa

Photo thanks to rochelle hartman

A big smile for Mr Claus

Says photo contributor Tiffanie Lee: “The only memory I really have of this occasion is walking through the mall parking lot with my mom and brother whilst they passed my picture back and forth in glee because I actually smiled big.”


Brothers love that Santa!

Says Joe: “Jonathan has a serious phobia of Santa. I’ve got another one of him screaming on Santa’s lap as well.”

Jonathan has a serious phobia of Santa

Santa pic thanks to Joe Stump

Santa & Jim (1956)

“Department Store Photo taken when I was 6 years old.”

Santa and Jim the Photographer December 1956

Picture thanks to Jim, the Photographer

Vintage Claus (1942)

“New York, New York. R. H. Macy and Company department store during the week before Christmas. Children line up to talk with Santa Claus. They are two Santas, concealed from one another by a labyrinth to prevent disillusionment of the children. Each child is presented with candy and tells Santa his or her desires.” These two photos courtesy the Library of Congress.



12 vintage Coca-Cola Christmas ads, starring Santa Claus (1931-1963)
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