The future: Your own personal flying cars, powered by electricity (’50s & ’60s)

The future Your own personal flying cars, powered by electricity

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More power to you: Your own flying cars (1959)

America’s independent light and power companies build for your new electric living

Your personal “flying carpet” — Step into it, press a button, and if you go off to market, to a friend’s home, or to your job, take off or land anywhere — no parking problems. Plug into any electric outlet for recharging.

Tomorrow’s higher standard of living will put electricity to work for you in ways still unheard of!

The time isn’t too far off, the experts say, when you’ll wash your dishes without soap or water — ultrasonic waves will do the job. Your beds will be made at the touch of a button. the kids’ homework will be made interesting and even exciting when they are able to dial a library book, a lecture or a classroom demonstration right into your home — with sound. (Some of this is happening already.)

To enjoy all this, you’ll want a lot more electric power, and the independent electric companies of America are already building new plants and facilities to provide it. Right now these companies are building at the rate of $5,000,000,000 a year, and planning to double the nation’s supply of electricity in less than 10 years.

America has always had the best electric power service in the world. The electric companies are resolved to keep it that way.

Flying cars - retro futurism from the 1950s

Live Jetsons-style in the home of tomorrow! Ideas for retro-futuristic space-age inventions (1958-1961)

Wherever you look today, electric service makes good things possible. Imagine what it’ll do for you tomorrow. (1965)

Today, abundant electric service brings modern conveniences to the campsite.

Flying mobile camper of the future may be electric powered-plugging into any electric outlet for recharging.

It’s your desires and dreams that spur us on. That spirit has always been at the heart of our business. It’s helped us keep the average unit price paid for electric service coming steadily down over the years. And with your continued help, we’ll keep electric service one of the best household bargains you can get.

So go ahead and dream! You’ll never outdream your possibilities, with more than 300 investor-owned power companies working for you across the land.

Flying cars - retro futurism from the sixties

The first family of the future: The Jetsons (1962)

Are flying cars the future?

This concept drawing of a flying car comes from the late 1950s

The future has flying cars!

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