Max Headroom: 20 minutes into the future (1987)

Max Headroom aired for two (short) seasons on ABC — a grand total of 14 episodes. The sci-fi satire show starred the inimitable Matt Frewer, along with Amanda Pays, Chris Young, Jeffrey Tambor and George Coe.

Despite its short run, Max Headroom made quite an impact on pop culture, appearing on the cover of Newsweek, being parodied on the cover of MAD… and even popping up in the Doonesbury comic strip (where Ronald Reagan was lampooned as “Ron Headrest”).

Around the same time, yet more Max could be found inside your TV set, via The Max Headroom Show. That program, though, mainly featured music videos, with the Max Headroom character doing his shtick as a talking head between — and sometimes during — songs. – NJP

Bringing you the truth in a world gone Max

Max Headroom: Twenty minutes into the future

New series: Tuesday March 31 on ABC Television


Mad Headroom video clips


Mad about Max: The making of a video cult

Max Headroom on the cover of Newsweek – April 20, 1987


Mad: Television superstar Alfred E Headroom

Max of the Year – the cover of Mad magazine – March, 1987

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