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Are we entering the atomic age? (1940)

For almost 2,500 years, man was wrong. From the time of Socrates, he had thought of atoms as the smallest particles of matter. In the last century, scientists discovered still tinier particles within atoms. At... Read more...

US Army shoulder insignia (1945)

Modern armies are built on each soldier's pride in his own unit. The insignia did so much for morale that the Army soon made shoulder insignia mandatory.

Hobey Baker making good again (1918)

This story appeared at the beginning of 1918, but by the time the year had closed out, Hobart "Hobie" Baker was dead -- killed by injuries sustained in a military plane crash in France mere hours before he was ... Read more...

Who was Frederick Douglass? (1895)

Frederick Douglass, who was born a slave in Talbot county, Maryland, in 1817, was the one conspicuous anti-slavery agitator who spoke of the wrongs and cruelty of slavery from personal experience.

An argument for the chauffeur (1918)

One chauffeured automobile accomplishes as much as two or three which are driven without chauffeurs. The chauffeur instantly becomes an economy - not merely a justifiable expense.

WWII fighter planes compared (1942)

Focke-Wulf 190 US expects to 'top' Focke-Wulf 190 in high altitude dog fights of future Most talked-about new fighter plane in the European war theater is Germany's Focke-Wulf 190. Has it been over-sold or u... Read more...

The atomic bombing of Hiroshima (1945)

Truman Library Photo: Hiroshima on Honshu Island lies in ruins as a result of the August 6,1945 atomic bombing. When J Robert Oppenheimer, often called the “father of the atomic bomb,” witnessed the first t... Read more...

Victory in Europe Day (1945)

After six years of total warfare across Europe which saw cities and entire countries devastated, along with millions of soldiers and civilians killed, the Allied powers were finally able to celebrate on May 8, ... Read more...

V-E Day Celebrations outside NYC (1945)

While throngs of people packed Times Square in New York to celebrate the end of the war in Europe, cities and towns across the United States all observed V-E Day in their own ways. Many celebrations were quiet ... Read more...

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